Much has been made amongst commentators on AI’s threat to humanity, particularly Generative AI. Indeed, some alarmist predictions are signalling the end of society. However, AI is not new and has been with us through machine learning for decades. As with most technology, the potential benefits far outweigh the negatives if we take the time to step back and understand the challenges and the required responses.

Throughout this event, SASIG will explore how AI is poised to revolutionise how organisations operate in cybersecurity and through all aspects of digitallytransformed operations. From enhanced threat detection to proactive risk mitigation, attendees will discuss how AI can be a powerful ally in safeguarding digital assets and addressing modern digital risk management challenges.

The event speakers will unravel the complexities surrounding recent developments in AI standards, impending AI regulations, and their implications for cyber security practices. They will also provide insights into navigating the regulatory landscape to ensure compliance while harnessing the full potential of AI technologies.