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UK Ministry of Defence: Zodiac Industry Engagement Event

The Ministry of Defence will be conducting an Industry Engagement Event on 13 October at Tech UK (10 Saint Bride Street, London, England, EC4A 4AD) from 10:00 – 14:00.

The aim of the day is to provide information to industry regarding the British Army’s Zodiac programme.

Project ZODIAC, as the core element of the Land ISTAR Programme, will deliver an integrated Land ISTAR Command and Control system that connects sensors, decision makers and effectors, to enable the deployed force to operate with greater lethality and survivability.  Current tactical ISTAR processes are stove-piped and manual. Data transfer and intelligence production for commanders and decision-makers lacks tempo, fusion, and common visualisation, reducing our ability to sense, understand, predict, decide, and act with sufficient speed and accuracy. The digitalisation and technology gap with our key allies is growing which risks coalition potency and UK credibility. Project ZODIAC will address these shortfalls by providing a command & control system for ISTAR assets. The digitalisation of ISTAR will enable advanced ways of working through data-driven decisions, exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to reduce the cognitive burden and enhance the Army’s ability to act with greater tempo and precision.

The provisional programme for the day will include:

Friday 13 October
Land ISTAR Programme


Overview of Project Zodiac


Next steps and indicative timelines for the Zodiac project.




Q&A and closing statements


This is primarily an event to understand the capability from the market, and such the expectation is that industry attendees will be able to support thorough interactions in relation to the desired capability.

Fred Sugden

Fred Sugden

Associate Director, Defence and National Security, techUK

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, National Security, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

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