COP28 comes at a decisive moment for international climate action. This summer saw temperature records broken, and several floods and wildfires across the world. COP28 in December marks an opportunity for leaders to put the world on a more sustainable footing. The focus of COP this year will be different and will be much more on implementation. Indeed, COP28 marks the ‘Global Stocktake’ year. This will see new measures put in place to accelerate climate action and put world on the right track.

In a year where technological breakthroughs have brought generative AI, Quantum, ARVR, metaverse and web 3.0 technologies to the apex of public imagination and brought UK science, technology, and innovation to the forefront of UK policy, it has never been more important to focus on the opportunities of adopting and applying innovation to help people, society, the economy and the planet.

This roundtable discussion will deep-dive into the current opportunity around the adoption of specific technologies to improve resilience against extreme weathers and protect communities. It will show how industry, academia and government are working together to push forward innovative and exciting new discoveries and set out what implications this might have for climate action. It will explore topics such as the use of tech to measure and declare climate risk, protecting infrastructure and business critical operations, and the role of technology for contingency and future risk planning.

Please ensure you are signed up via the registration link: Emerging tech for climate resilience and adaptation - Climate Action Innovation Zone COP28 (

This roundtable will be Chatham House. Please reach out to Craig Melson or Mia Haffety to attend.

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By 2030, digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%. Cloud computing, 5G, AI and IoT have the potential to support dramatic reductions in carbon emissions in sectors such as transport, agriculture, and manufacturing. techUK is working to foster the right policy framework and leadership so we can all play our part. For more information on how techUK can support you, please visit our Climate Action Hub and click ‘contact us’.

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Mia Haffety

Mia Haffety

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Craig Melson

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