The West Midland’s Roadmap to Stronger Local Digital Capital

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) have published its ‘Digital Roadmap’, a five-year strategy that “aims to realise the ambitions of our Local Industrial Strategy, build on the successes of our 5G testbed, and tackle decisively the issue of digital exclusion”.

The strategy is centred around five main missions:

  • Securing access for everyone to digital opportunities, particularly those in poverty
  • Sharing and using data to improve people’s lives
  • Becoming the UK’s best-connected region
  • Realising the potential of digital to transform our economy and build economic resilience
  • Using digital public services to build a fairer, greener, healthier region

The strategy references techUK’s ‘Building the Future We Need’ campaign work that analysed the impact that technology can have on the UK’s nations and regions. Building on the West Midlands’ strengths, the strategy aims to deliver improved outcomes across the region, from a reduction in health inequalities to a carbon reduction of 69% by 2027.

Matthew Evans, Director of Markets at techUK said: “It is fantastic to see the West Midlands take up the challenge of boosting their Local Digital Capital through their Digital Roadmap strategy. We look forward to engaging with them on how industry can work with the Combined Authority to deliver the positive outcomes across their five missions. We will continue to develop the concept of Local Digital Capital, including the development of a framework to measure it.

Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans

Director, Markets, techUK


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