12 Nov 2021

Event Round-up: HMRC Technology Sourcing Programme: Digital Development Services Market Engagement

A summary of our market engagement event with HMRC's Tech Sourcing Programme on its upcoming Post-Covid Recovery & SR21 New Build Activity, and Automation Delivery procurement.

On Wednesday 10 November, techUK was delighted to host another HMRC Technology Sourcing Programme (TSP) market engagement event - this time on the programme's upcoming procurement for Digital Development Services (DDS).

TSP is a multi-year programme of work transforming and enabling how HMRC delivers IT, utilises technology and works more effectively as an organisation. HMRC will migrate to a new IT vendor landscape in a phased approach. Supplier contracts will be regularly re-competed with greater disaggregation, reducing the risk of incumbent advantage, resulting in an improved supply chain with the potential for many new suppliers, including SMEs.

During this session HMRC, set out to industry the approach and key components of the upcoming Post-Covid Recovery & SR21 New Build Activity, and Automation Delivery procurement (RM6100), including the vision, requirements, timeline, and route to market. The broad requirements are:

  • Broad DDaT capability to support the ongoing development of a range of applications across HMRC’s Digital Delivery Centres as a result of funding initiatives from Spending Review 2021 and post-Covid Recovery.
  • Specialised DDaT capability to support the ongoing development and management of existing Robotic Process Automation solutions across HMRC’s Automation Delivery Centres.
  • Robotics Process Automation thought leadership and innovation, the centre of excellence support and future software options.

The intention for this procurement is to run via the Technology Services 3 Lot 3D Framework, therefore, only suppliers on the framework were invited to the session. However, other suppliers - particularly SMEs - are encouraged to watch the recording below in case they wish to work with partners who are on the relevant framework.

The ITT is expected to be published on Monday 6 December 2021; and any supplier that wishes to access the opportunity on the date of publication will need to return at Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before that date. The NDA will be sent to lot 3D suppliers directly by HMRC and all documents will be uploaded onto the HMRC SAP Ariba e-Sourcing portal, where all procurement activity will take place. Please note that no Expression of Interest will be released for this contract. 

This webinar also included an opportunity for suppliers to put their questions to the HMRC team.

Heather Cover-Kus

Heather Cover-Kus

Head of Central Government Programme, techUK

Annie Collings

Annie Collings

Programme Manager, Cyber Security and Central Government, techUK

Ellie Huckle

Ellie Huckle

Programme Manager, Central Government, techUK

Ella Gago-Brookes

Team Assistant, Markets, techUK

Matthew Wild

Programme Assistant - Markets, techUK


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