03 Nov 2022
by Robert Walker

techUK/ Yorkshire Ambulance Service Mass Communication Tool Project Industry Briefing

techUK is working with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to deliver an industry day for potential suppliers to present their ideas and solutions for the Mass Communication Tool project. As such we were delighted to welcome YAS for an initial briefing on 1st November.

You can watch the full session here: 

Pauline Archibald, Head of Service Central Delivery, initially outlined the scope of the project which details that the Mass Communication Tool (MCT) means a Hosted (YAS independent) communication capability to support the delivery of 999 (111 and PTS services in the future) including: 

  • Communication to targeted audiences  

  • Two-way messaging across the full range of formats  

  • Operating with other YAS based systems (providing secure connectivity) 

  • Post incident learning and auditing.  

  • 24/7 365 cover with active monitoring – SLA 

The aim and vision of the project is to procure an MCT that meets all of the Trust’s communications requirements and could facilitate other Trusts being incorporated in the future. In addition to this, the MCT must deliver economies of scale and guarantee that YAS has the most effective and efficient MCT system.  

Pauline then discussed YAS’ procurement strategy highlighting that this will be a single-tender framework contract that has the flexibility to accommodate further potential uptake if required - either within YAS or externally, provided this is detailed from the outset and covered by the contract. Furthermore, Pauline went on to explain that this contract type can be achieved either through a further competition within an existing framework agreement or by an above-threshold open Tender; further work is required to confirm the final route. 

Pauline went on to touch upon the procurement approach and framework, stating that YAS want to engage with industry and are open to innovative and alternative approaches in realising their ambitions. 

Pauline also summarised the capabilities required by the MCT. The system must be able to: 

  • Support YAS 999, 111 and PTS initiatives by adapting to the Trust’s user requirements, full reporting compliance, determination of metrics and KPIs 

  • Provide visibility of resources by assisting in shift fill 

  • Secure sharing of data, including patient data, between partner organisations/ agencies 

  • Provide interoperation including GRS as well as external systems such as Resilience Direct 

Following this webinar, interested suppliers are now invited to submit an application form by the 15th of November, expressing their interest in presenting their ideas and solutions for the project at the industry day, which will be held on the 6th of December. You can access the form below if you would like to apply. 

The industry day will be followed by a request for indicative costs to inform the Business Case. If the business case is approved, the expectation is that an invitation to tender will follow at the end in January 2023.   

Yorkshire Ambulance Service mass comms tool industry day application form .docx


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