01 Sep 2022

New DASA Themed Competition Launch

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has launched a new Themed Competition: 'Disruptive Science and Technology Impacting the Future of Defence'

This competition, run on behalf of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), seeks exciting concepts, technologies, or ideas that may disrupt the future of Defence. The outcome of this competition is anticipated to be a pool of novel Science and Technology (S&T) ideas or concepts that may disrupt the Defence landscape and have the potential to lead to radical change.

Key dates and funding

£750k (exc. VAT) funding is available for this themed competition. The value of each funded submission is £50k.

The deadline to submit a proposal is midday (BST) 12 October 2022

Do you have a disruptive idea or concept? Read the full competition document and submit a proposal.

Requirement areas

This competition has one requirement area.

Requirement 1: Evaluating Disruptive S&T ideas and their impact on the Future of Defence

The goal of this requirement is to help Dstl develop an understanding of ideas to help determine their potential to be disruptive. Proposals should examine how the idea may fit within the future Defence landscape, rather than the confines of contemporary technologies and capabilities.

Ideas that might help solve this requirement include:

  • Early stage S&T that does not currently have a Defence application
  • Ideas identified through horizon scanning or technology watch, that may be disruptive and should be researched further
  • Ideas developed through brainstorming or other workshopping approaches that may have the potential to disrupt the future Defence landscape but are at a very low Technology Readiness Level (TRL 1-2)

Any ideas submitted to this requirement must have a theoretical basis supported by reasoned explanation.


16 September 2022

This webinar will provide more information on the challenge areas and how to submit a proposal. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A. If you would like to get involved, please register on the DASA Eventbrite page.

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Submit a proposal

Do you have a potentially disruptive idea or concept that may disrupt the future of Defence? Submit your idea and help the DSTF Programme improve its ability to research and prepare for the future Defence technology landscape.

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Fred Sugden

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