01 Jun 2021

Slides and Recordings: 6G: Technology Enablers for Spectrum & Energy Efficient Wireless Access

On Wednesday 26 May the Minister for Digital Infrastructure, Matt Warman MP, opened the first in a series of University-run workshops to showcase the current research projects having the best potential to address 6G wireless research priorities. 

The University of Bristol led workshop, supported by DCMS and UK SPF, focused on physical layer hardware technologies and architectures as well as new materials to enhance both spectrum and energy efficiency of next generation networks.

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Welcome: Matt Warman MP, Minister for Digital Infrastructure VIDEO

Overview of workshops: Stephen Temple, UK SPF C2 and University of Surrey VIDEO

Brief and agenda: Mark Beach, University of Bristol SLIDES 

Session 1 – RF Transceivers & System Performance Enhancement

  1. Spectral and Energy Efficient Radio Systems­: John Thompson, University of Edinburgh  SLIDES and VIDEO
  2. Linear & Power Efficient RF sub-systems: Tommaso Cappello, University of Bristol SLIDES and VIDEO
  3. Advances in RF Planar Filter Technologies: Jiasheng Hong, Heriot Watt University SLIDES and VIDEO
  4. Multiband Direct RF Sampling for 5G and Beyond MIMO Receivers: Tim O’Farrell, University of Sheffield SLIDES and VIDEO

Session 2 – Next Generation Massive MIMO & AI Driven Systems

  1. Learning to Communicate: Christos Masouros, UCL SLIDES and VIDEO
  2. AI and Massive MIMO: Wael Boukley Hassan, University of Bristol SLIDES and VIDEO
  3. C-RAN, vRAN, O-RAN and Cell-free Massive MIMO: Alister Burr, University of York SLIDES and VIDEO
  4. Self-supervised learning: the next challenge for industrial AI: Robert Piechocki, University of Bristol SLIDES and VIDEO

Session 3 – Future Network Architectures

  1. Next Generation Converged Digital Infrastructure: Nick Race, University of Lancaster SLIDES and VIDEO
  2. Seamless Connectivity for All: Dimitra Simeonidou, University of Bristol SLIDES and VIDEO

Session 4 – New Materials for RF Engineering

  1. Frequency Reflective Surfaces: Yang Hao, Queen Mary University SLIDES and VIDEO
  2. Looking at acoustic wave filters through an integrated photonic lens: Krishna Coimbatore Balram, University of Bristol SLIDES
  3. New materials and geometries for next generation antennas: Alastair Hibbins, University of Exeter SLIDES and VIDEO
  4. GaN Diamond for Efficient RF amplification: Kevin Morris, University of Bristol VIDEO 

Session 5 – Spectrum Sharing & Higher Frequency Bands

  1. Spectrum Sharing - Database, Loans, Multiplexes and SDR for New 6G Opportunities: David Crawford, University of Strathclyde SLIDES and VIDEO
  2. Enhancing Spectrum Sharing with Fixed Links: Simon Wilson, University of Bristol SLIDES and VIDEO
  3. Sub-THz Antennas and Devices for 6G Communications: Alexandros Feresidis/ Costas Constantinou, University of Birmingham SLIDES and VIDEO

Discussion: Professor Mark Beach, Professor of Radio Systems Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Communication Systems and Networks, University of Bristol SLIDES and VIDEO

All UK SPF events, including the next two events in this series of workshops, can be found here:


The UK Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) and DCMS are supporting a series of University-run workshops to showcase the current research projects having the best potential to address 6G wireless research priorities. Bristol, Surrey and Strathclyde have been selected to run the workshops but the intention is for these workshops to be a platform for all UK universities having relevant wireless research. Each hosting University has been entrusted by the SPF and DCMS to identify outstanding research projects from other Universities to showcase at their workshops. The output from this series of workshops will be a White Paper for the UK SPF to present to government that validates the research projects as relevant to UK 6G research priorities, identifies gaps, suggests opportunities for collaboration, looks at the adequacy of research funding streams and flag potential implications for 6G spectrum policy.

Jo O'Riordan

Jo O'Riordan

Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms, techUK

Jo leads the work of the UK SPF, the sounding board to government and Ofcom on medium to long-term spectrum issues in the UK and supports the delivery of the Communication Infrastructure Programme.

Prior to her appointment in 2018 Jo held positions at Islington Council, the Industry and Parliament Trust, Inside Government, and most recently at Smart Energy GB in policy and public affairs role. Here Jo predominately oversaw the organisations engagement with MPs and local government alongside external speaking opportunities.

Outside of work Jo likes spending as much time as possible with her dog Fudge, as well as cooking, watching live comedy, and running (but not that far or that fast). 

[email protected]
020 7331 2191

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Julia Ofori-Addo

Julia Ofori-Addo

Programme Assistant, BSG, Central Government, Financial Services Team, Comms Infrastructure, techUK

Julia Ofori-Addo supports the Broadband Stakeholder Group, Central Government, Financial Services and Communications Infrastructure with administrative and event support, research and communication.

Julia is bilingual – German and English native. Prior to joining techUK, Julia worked as an IT Team Administrator at Interxion Ltd (data center) supporting and coordinating teams with the Incident Management Protocols (IMP), auditing and reporting procedures and processes and assisting senior management with various secretarial/administrative duties. She has exceptional experience in handling and updating in-house database systems and a proven track record of demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.

Julia is a graduate at the University of Kent with a BSc in Computer Science and Business Administration. In her personal time, she enjoys current affairs discussions, going to the gym and travelling.

[email protected]

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