01 Apr 2022

Guest blog: Shared e-scooters and the role of multimodality in the run to net zero 

Guest blog by Jack Samler, General Manager, UK, Voi Technology 

Voi strives not only for a movement towards increased micromobility usage but also to complement other sustainable forms of transport. This vision for towns and cities that embrace multimodality is undoubtedly becoming a reality. However, its realisation must hone in not only on urban centres, but also out to suburbs that are not traditionally served by public transport. Incentivising multimodality is, therefore, about achieving climate targets, reducing congestion and pollution, as well as offering inclusive access to transport.  

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Voi takes a multilayer approach towards a multimodal model because, in order to continue moving this from vision to reality, a panoply of partners must be on board. Operating in over 80 towns and cities in 11 countries around the UK and Europe, we are witnessing a rapid transformation in how public transport and other organisations collaborate with our zero carbon neutral offer. Far from being neutral, they are positive and proactive in joining hands to create cities made for living.   

Indeed, we have over 40 partners across all our active markets and, from Berlin to Bergen, Stockholm to Seville, transport hubs are transforming. In 2021, for example, a joint project between Voi, S-Bahn Stuttgart and Mobimeo showed that synergies between shared e-scooters and public transport led to a 35 % increase in public transport ridership, such as by providing physical parking infrastructure at train stations.  

Berlin has also been a fine ambassador of multimodal takeup. Since 2020, Voi has worked in close partnership with BVG, Berlin’s municipal public transport authority, which is taking the lead on building mobility hubs throughout the city, including the provision of bespoke Voi parking racks. In addition, by developing the city’s mobility app, Jelbi, where Voi is featured, BVG has combined micromobility and public transport, making its vast system even more accessible to everyone. Consequently, 59% of our Berliners’ rides start or end less than 200m from public transport stations, an 18% increase throughout 2021.  

Similarly, in Switzerland, where Voi and the national railway company SBB joined forces in Zurich, Bern and Basel in spring 2021, 63% of riders report combining Voi with public transport. In addition to our being integrated into the cities’ Yumuv multimodal transport app and having access to micromobility parking zones at stations, we share data with SBB to track multimodal behaviour over time.  

In the UK, Voi shared e-scooters are recommended on Citymapper across all the regions where Voi shared scooters are available, and more recently we have extended our international partnership with FREE NOW Europe’s leading multimobility platform, to the UK, which began featuring Voi on its app in Oxford in November 2021.   
We are delighted that our experience in negotiating and activating local multimodal changes have also been recognised by international organisations, such as the UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) and the Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum. In February 2022, Voi was selected to join the latter as an official member of the EU’s Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum. These moves are all part of our multilayered approach to creating modern multimodal metropolises and are strongly indicative that steps, strides and even sprints are being taken towards making this a reality.  

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Jack Samler, General Manager, UK, Voi Technology as part of techUK's Future of Mobility Campaign Week 


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