Guest Blog: CBI launches new toolkit to support businesses innovating to be more green

New toolkit allows businesses to take control of their decarbonisation journey

Businesses must innovate if they are to meet the changes required to decarbonise and be more green. But for many organisations what ‘innovation’ actually means in practice is not always clear.

The CBI has launched the Be More Green toolkit, in partnership with CGI, to help businesses tackle this challenge. This toolkit brings together exclusive advice, guidance and good practice developed with CBI members to be a one-stop shop, supporting businesses to innovate to reach their decarbonisation objectives. Sharing stories of businesses from across different sizes and industries, this toolkit contains case studies, resources and actions your business can take to get started, and make progress, on your journey towards being more green.

Included in the toolkit:

  • To help you get started, discover other businesses' drivers and triggers for innovating to be more green. Learn how it started, and why businesses made the decision to innovate to be more green
  • For those looking to take the first steps, use this checklist for innovating to be more green Businesses innovate in different ways, following conversations with a number of businesses who have embarked on innovation journeys to try and reduce their business’ emissions to reach their net zero ambitions. This resource outlines the steps businesses are taking when innovating to decarbonise, from diagnosing the problem to baking in an innovation culture
  • Getting internal buy-in across the organisation is not always straightforward. To make those conversations easier, use our resource that explores the benefits businesses have experienced from innovating to decarbonise. Spoiler alert: green innovation results in ‘spill-over benefits’ beyond what you might expect. This can help make the business case for further investment
  • For an increasing number of businesses, innovation partnerships are an integral part of the growth strategy. Find out more about the types of partnerships businesses have used to reach their sustainability goals, as well as their reflections  
  • The business story. Download the full collection of case studies from businesses innovating to be more green – including businesses taking an Open Innovation approach to solving their biggest challenges and developing digital tools to support their staff – to discover their full journey, the challenges they faced, they solutions they found and the lessons they learned.

Check out the toolkit

techUK is a member of the CBI and we are keen to showcase members that are innovating to decarbonise and achieve sustainability and environmental objectives. Find out more, and tell us your story.


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