25 Mar 2024
by Anne Gosal

From pipeline to parity for Women in Tech

Each year as we celebrate International Women’s Day, I find myself thinking about the positives in how far we’ve come not least since I first started out in the world of work, but also reflecting on how far we’ve still got to go and, importantly, how do we ensure we get there?! 
We can always start with the data, which positively reflects the proactive efforts over the last decade to increase the representation of women in technology. Recent statistics show that women now account for 26% of the UK tech workforce, with the real pinch point being at the senior leadership level. According to the 2023 FTSE women leaders review, sponsored by KPMG and Lloyds Banking Group , women now hold a third of FTSE 100 leadership roles and 27% of FTSE 100 CIO roles. The increase is positive, but the pace of change is still slow.  

Whilst IDE metrics play a pivotal role in helping us to understand and track progress to date, there is still work to be done to educate people on the strategic importance of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, so where do we direct our resources and attention for the greatest impact? 

There is huge value in creating an inclusive environment by fostering women’s participation in technology and creating a sense of belonging, where innovation is driven by valued diverse perspectives, and bias and discrimination is squashed. Evidence suggests a key driver for gender-based Inclusion is having better female representation in the role of Chief Executive Officer, which is shown to pave the way for other women to be appointed into functional c-suite roles - driving a more inclusive environment throughout the whole organisation. We need to lean on the sponsorship of accountable leaders and core decision makers who are true advocates for women in tech, committed to driving real and lasting change. Lastly, we should look to provide equitable experiences, not only through bias free recruitment processes, but also via opportunities for progression. Taking action will ensure a diverse set of females in tech are in the rooms where strategic decisions get made. 

One thing I am sure of is the rise of initiatives designed to boost gender diversity in technology continue to serve as a beacon for positive change. KPMG’s women in tech initiative ‘IT’s Her Future’, which I sponsor, is designed to inspire, support, and empower young girls and women in tech. We achieve this through targeted Technology education outreach interventions, networking and community led opportunities, mentoring provision, and visibility of a diverse set of female role models to help inspire the next generation of technology leaders. 

Across broader industry, attracting talent with digital skills is an ever-increasing challenge so it is positive to see the introduction of various technology-centric and government-backed education, employment, and entrepreneur-based training programmes, targeting and equipping young girls and women with the skills they need to thrive, which in turn positively impacts wider society! 

Looking to the future, if we can successfully build a more diverse talent pool and pipeline of female tech talent, lean on accountable leaders to build a real sense of belonging in the workplace and provide access to equitable experiences to help women develop and grow, Parity will become reality! 

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Anne Gosal

Anne Gosal

Head of Financial Services Technology Strategy and Transformation, KPMG UK

Anne is a Partner at KPMG where she leads the FS Technology Strategy and Transformation practice.  Anne started her professional career as a barrister ~20 years ago but her passion and curiosity led her to the world of Technology.  She now routinely works with some of the world’s foremost FS businesses on everything from technology strategy to executing complex technology-enabled business change.  Anne is a long-standing advocate for diversity in the workplace and building an inclusive culture - she’s the executive sponsor for IT’s Her Future - KPMG’s flagship women in technology programme.