Three million individuals power the UK technology sector. Yet, within this thriving industry, female representation remains stubbornly low -- only 26% of these tech enthusiasts are women, and just 5% find themselves in leadership positions.

There is no exception when it comes to the persistence of the gender gap for women working in public technology. Gender leadership gaps in the traditionally male-dominated field of technology have both visible and invisible barriers that continue to hold women back.  Furthermore, there is marked lack of data and support addressing the specific circumstances of women working in public technology.

The unique Women in Public Technology conference seeks to address this gap and support next-generation female leaders in the sector. The event will bring together current and future leaders from across the sector to examine the role of women in public technology and the current and future challenges to leadership. Over the course of the day, senior leaders will offer guidance, coaching, and inspiration for further developing your career, reaching empowerment and fulfilling your potential.

Join us to:

  • Examine the barriers currently facing female leaders (and future leaders) in public technology and hear how to overcome them
  • Understand when and how gender plays a role in both organisational and personal advancement
  • Learn how successful women negotiate what they need to be effective leaders
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and attributes needed to be a successful leader
  • Raise the visibility of women as senior leaders in public technology
  • Create a lasting network of women leaders across the sector who are effecting change in public technology
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