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techUK is excited to host this panel discussion - part of our Tech Together campaign - bringing together industry leaders to explore how we can bridge the skills gap in cloud computing and highlighting success stories from across the industry.

Our panel will discuss:

  • How are skills requirements changing and where are the biggest gaps for accelerating cloud-enabled digital transformation across the economy? 
  • How do we bridge those gaps and get access to the broadest possible talent base?
  • What role does diverse and inclusive recruitment have in filling these gaps? How can firms pursue reform while ensuring support from and retention of existing staff?  
  • Where are the gaps in the UK's education and training opportunities and how well are these aligning with what the cloud industry needs?
  • What are the best industry training solutions and how are techUK members working to address these challenges?

The panel will include:

  • Charlotte Webb, Operations and Marketing Director, Hyve Managed Hosting
  • Yasmin De Nardo, Head of Connected Technology Academy, KPMG
  • Adam Cockburn, Head of Architecture Practice, Axiologik
  • Cécile Bonnet, Managing Director, Bright Network Technology Academy

A full list of speakers will be confirmed in due course.

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