08 Apr 2024

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Week 2024


This week (Monday 8 to Friday 12 April) we will be exploring the role the technology industry is playing to support digital transformation in the public sector. #techUKDigitalPS

A different theme has been assigned to each day of the week, and we will be publishing blogs and case studies from both SMEs and large companies on their visions for effective digital transformation of the public sector and the emerging technologies and innovations that will make it work – focusing on themes such as overcoming Legacy IT and AI adoption in the public sector. We are also exploring the importance of collaboration between Government and Industry.

This is an opportunity for our members and stakeholders to look in-depth at the vital, innovative role they can play, and what the next leap in digital transformation in the public sector might look like.

Take a look at the guest blogs from members and stakeholders below: 

Small but Mighty


DfT En Route to an Immersive Future


Overcoming Legacy IT


How we can help the NHS bridge its digital divide


How to improve public sector IT programmes with five simple interventions


Ensuring flexible workflows through print in the public sector


AI adoption in the public sector

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Transforming to a citizen-centric model with intelligent automation


Cultivating psychological safety in AI decision making


Transforming Public Sector Services with AI: A Vision for the Future

Abstract elegant wavy gold lines on black background with gold lighting effect sparkle iStock-1454619394.jpg_resized.jpg

How AI-based biometric algorithms are reshaping the travel experience


What to consider when scaling AI in the public sector


What’s all the fuss about ChatGPT

Health-online-counselling session-1332130876.jpg

How automated triage changes the game for clinicians dealing with trauma referrals


Better Together


Data Sovereignty: Implications for UK Public Sector


The Collaborative Edge: How a Tech SME Connects Councils


Collaborating to Modernise a Legacy Platform


Tech Trends Transforming the Public Sector

Parliament-city-government- 99672261-web-1500px.jpg

The Procurement Act 2023: Can it deliver real change?


Maximising Value


The importance of data quality technology in enhancing the user experience


How the tech sector can help create social good


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Heather Cover-Kus

Heather Cover-Kus

Head of Central Government Programme, techUK

Ellie Huckle

Ellie Huckle

Programme Manager, Central Government, techUK

Annie Collings

Annie Collings

Programme Manager, Cyber Security and Central Government, techUK

Austin Earl

Austin Earl

Programme Manager, Central Government, techUK

Ella Gago-Brookes

Team Assistant, Markets, techUK