05 Mar 2024
by Iryna Mahalias

Breaking Gender Bias in the Workplace: Creating Inclusive Environment 

Gender bias in the workplace remains a prevalent obstacle, hindering the progression of women in a range of industries, and information technology (IT) is not an exception. Regardless of the huge efforts put in to bridge the gap, insights still demonstrate a picture of inequality. While some success has been achieved in addressing the gender gap in technology, with women now comprising roughly 26% of IT professionals compared to 19% in 2019, there is still much more work to be done to obtain gender balance. Besides, studies involving over 2,000 A-level and university students define that the gender disparity in technology begins in school and persists throughout girls' and women's lives. Merely 27% of female students surveyed expressed their wish to start a career in technology, contrasting with 61% of males. Besides, about 3% identified it as their primary career option. Diversity and inclusion have rightfully become key priorities for many employers, which means that we are moving in the right direction.  

In this article, we would like to share some strategies that help handle the gender bias issue within your working environment. 

Awareness and education 

Organizations can combat gender bias by providing training and seminars on unconscious bias. It’s essential to focus on the significance of bringing awareness among employees about the negative consequences of gender bias. After that, you have a working environment fully set to build a more inclusive workplace culture. In practice, adopting blind hiring processes that focus on skills and qualifications, where candidates’ gender, ethnicity, and names are removed, can help ensure an inclusive environment. 

Equal opportunities 

As a business, you should offer transparent hiring and promotion processes to guarantee equal opportunities for all of your employees. Companies should introduce particular policies that establish equal pay for equal work and responsibilities, consequently liquidating gender-based wage disparities. 

Flexible work schedules 

Another suggestion is to implement flexible work schedules, covering options for remote work and adjustable hours. Apart from that, you should also support a culture of respect and inclusivity where all of your employees feel appreciated and valued for their contributions. This way, employees feel that their needs are fully satisfied while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and recognizing the value of such initiatives in ensuring gender equality. 

Mentorship and sponsorship programs 

Mentorship and sponsorship programs specifically tailored for women in the workplace may serve as a solid career boost and skills advancement. Furthermore, your senior leaders can mentor and support the career progression of women within your organization. Another suggestion we offer is establishing mentorship programs that pair women with senior leaders to ensure guidance and support in career development.  

Addressing microaggressions 

It is critical to determine and address microaggressions in the workplace for building a truly inclusive environment. To do so, you should deliver resources for the elimination of microaggressions and empowering understanding among your team. 

The strategies we’ve discussed remain pretty relevant to this day, as showcased by the insights. At PLANEKS, we highly prioritize such inclusivity, having a wonderful balance represented by our co-founders, a man and a woman. Diversity and gender equality not only benefit individual employees but also contribute to the success and growth of the organization. In case you would like to become the next market winner, we highly recommend you prioritize these initiatives to break down barriers and create a more inclusive future for all.  

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 Iryna Mahalias

Iryna Mahalias