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International Policy and Trade

techUK’s International Policy and Trade Programme works with stakeholders across the UK Government as well as with our partners around the globe on representing the tech sector in trade-related matters and seeks to expand opportunities for business growth. Our programme helps businesses access export opportunities in key strategic markets and works with the industry to shape the government’s agenda on trade.

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All techUK's work is led by our members - keep in touch or get involved by joining one of the five groups below.


Trade Working Group

The techUK Trade Working Group provides strategic direction for all techUK activities related to international trade and supports techUK members in driving UK’s digital trade policy, and developing positions and raising issues on the ongoing and upcoming bilateral trade negotiations. The group also creates an avenue for discussions around the WTO e-commerce negotiations and the UK’s membership of CPTPP, and for fostering techUK leadership in global settings such as WTO, OECD, UNCTAD, G7, G20.

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UK-APAC Tech Forum

Focused on Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the ASEAN countries, the forum provides engagement opportunities with key stakeholders in government and business to drive new digital economy partnerships, address barriers to digital market access and expand commercial networks in the region.


UK-China Tech Forum

The forum allows members to engage with key stakeholders in government and business in areas of UK-China tech trade, policy and market growth, and expand their business networks via topical engagements throughout the year.


UK-India Tech Forum

The forum brings members together to discuss issues and events that may impact their growth in the UK and India and provides an avenue for collective concerns to be aired and discussed with the government as well as for participants to explore emerging opportunities for growth and expanding their business networks.


UK-Japan Tech Forum

Following the CEPA conclusion, the forum aims to support businesses in taking full advantage of the new trade partnership between UK and Japan, explores collaboration opportunities on emerging tech and helps members growth business in both markets.


International Trade and Investment

The Trade and Export Committee has been set up to drive the Trade and Export programme and aims to help techUK members and the wider technology industry access support and market opportunities relating to their business and aspirations.


International Trade Export USA

A platform to understand export opportunities in the USA. Working with partners in the UK and US, this group will provide information on methods for companies to grow their presence in the market. Opportunities will range from delegations to international tenders, bespoke mentoring and information seminars for accessing the US market and provide a forum for companies to contribute to wider UK - USA tech trade policy discussions, including what the tech components of a future FTA may look like.


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