• Date: 1 November
  • Time: 9:00 – 10:30 (UK) / 18:00 – 19:30 (Japan)
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techUK & the Japan Electronics and Information technology Industries Association (JEITA) are delighted to invite you to the next UK-Japan Tech Forum discussion which will take place virtually on 1 November, 9.00-10.30 UK time/18.00-19.30 Japan time. This virtual session will bring together UK and Japanese technology industry representatives as well as stakeholders across the UK-Japan tech landscape to discuss the UK-Japan FTA implementation, how companies can take full advantage of new opportunities arising from the agreement and how the UK and Japan can work together to further drive innovation and regulatory cooperation on emerging tech to address some of the challenges of the future.


1. Chair’s Welcome

Paul Patterson, CEO and Head of Northern & Western Europe, Fujitsu

2.  Keynote

Julian David, CEO, techUK

Keiichi Kawakami, Senior Executive Vice President, JEITA

3. Roundtable discussion 1: The UK-Japan FTA implementation and the opportunities arising from the agreement

This session will explore the UK-Japan FTA benefits for tech businesses, how companies can take full advantage of new opportunities arising from the agreement and what mechanisms are in place to help tech business derive most value from the FTA. Businesses will share their experience of doing business under the new trading arrangement and reflect on the UK-Japan FTA implementation with the aim to identify potential areas for improvement and gaps in the deal implementation.


  • Japan Government (TBC)
  • Danny Langley, Head of Digital Trade and Telecoms (Trade Policy Group), Department for International Trade
  • Business view: Japanese business in the UK
    • Paul Patterson, CEO and Head of Northern & Western Europe, Fujitsu
    • Eric Wolfe, Director, Investor Relations/Global Alliances, Uhuru Corporation
  • Business view: UK business in Japan
    • Terry Pudwell, CEO, Assuria

Remarks will be followed by an interactive discussion.

4. Roundtable discussion 2: Future UK-Japan collaboration on technology and innovation through joint initiatives

This panel session will take a detailed look at which areas of tech offer new opportunities for collaboration and how businesses and governments can work together to drive innovation to address some of common challenges the UK and Japan face, such as meeting net zero targets and managing the welfare of an ageing society. The discussion will focus on how the UK-Japan FTA can support this collaboration, drive innovation and regulatory collaboration on tech. We will also explore practical examples of initiatives that can enable tech businesses to drive growth across the UK-Japan technology corridor.


  • Oriel Petry, Director, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing, Department for International Trade
  • Kazumi Nishikawa, Director of IT Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Japan
  • Takeshi Yamamoto, Vice President, Corporate Planning, NEC Europe Ltd.

5. Closing remarks and next steps


About the UK-Japan Tech Forum 

Hosted by techUK and the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), the UK-Japan Tech Forum is a platform to allow businesses to engage with key stakeholders in government and business in areas of UK-Japan trade, policy and market growth in both countries. 

 The forum is for representatives of businesses, government and other stakeholders interested in influencing or understanding the policy landscape impacting the technology sector, trade relations, and the market opportunities and challenges in Japan and the UK.   

 The forum brings members together to discuss issues and events that may impact their growth in the UK and Japan and provides an avenue for collective concerns to be aired and discussed with both governments. Moreover, it provides a platform for participants to explore emerging opportunities for growth and expand their business networks.