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Forced labour is entrenched in global supply chains, and it is often hidden at the lowest tiers of sourcing of products and services. Against this backdrop, increased regulatory pressure from the US and Europe has led to the development of a “supply chain data ecosystem” to inform strategies to better prevent and address labour exploitation. The supply chain data ecosystem is, however, largely fragmented with data siloes existing between – and within – the corporate sector, civil society and the public sector.

We are pleased to invite our members and partners to join us in London on 18 March 2024, to launch the findings from a recent research project conducted through our Tech Against Trafficking collaboration on this topic.

The event will include:

  • BSR presentation of findings from our research, and explore practical recommendations and principles for business, government and civil society to build a more effective supply chain data ecosystem. that reduces the costs and duplication of data collection and can inform effective actions and amplify the impact of anti-slavery policies.
  • An expert panel discussion including companies and service providers
  • Drinks and networking

This event will be co-hosted by techUK and BSR, bringing together companies and partners who can meaningfully support the actions needed to strengthen the data ecosystem to address forced labour in global supply chains. 

Please note that registrant details will shared with BSR.

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