The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and NHS England are currently engaged in a consultation process regarding proposals for a unified, rule-based pathway for medical technology (medtech) within the National Health Service.

This collaborative effort, including the Department of Health and Social Care, aims to foster an environment that encourages innovation in the medtech sector while ensuring the continued role of the NHS as a driving force for such advancements.

However, challenges exist in ensuring patients receive the most appropriate medtech products at a fair cost and in a timely manner. Currently, there is a lack of clear and consistent regulations for NICE assessments and NHS commissioning of medtech.

To address this, NICE and NHS England, in collaboration with DHSC, have proposed a comprehensive pathway encompassing the entire medtech lifecycle. This includes:

  • Early-stage technologies requiring further evidence generation.
  • Novel, cutting-edge technologies ready for NICE evaluation regarding clinical and cost-effectiveness.
  • Existing technologies already utilized within the NHS, aiming to optimise their value.

Want to have your say?

techUK will be responding to the consultation on behalf of our members – please do join this workshop to contribute to express your views on the matter.