Note: This is an in-person event only and will be limited to three delegates per supplier. Indicative dates for the procurements will be shared during the event.

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The Prior Information Notice for this opportunity can be found here.


The PICASSO programme within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is hosting an industry day where suppliers will have the opportunity to hear the proposed procurement scope, timeline and future vision for the related IT Service Management (ITSM) services. This event follows on from an early market engagement event held in March 2023.

About SM4P

The PICASSO programme within the MOD develops and sustains the United Kingdom’s (UK) national Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Information Communication Technologies (ICT) capabilities which includes access to ally and partner collected imagery and associated geospatial data; provision of platform-agnostic exploitation systems for sovereign GEOINT collection and the production of maps, air charts and other foundation geospatial information.

The PICASSO family of capabilities is sustained through a variety of ITSM arrangements which are not currently aligned, nor easily scalable. There is opportunity to consolidate ITSM arrangements across the PICASSO programme to provide a more efficient service:

  • that is more responsive to changes in operational need and technical opportunity;
  • that aligns with and enables the use of Defence Digital Operational Service Management (OSM) where appropriate;
  • that is more cost-effective; and
  • that is contractually easier to manage.

The incumbent contract delivering existing ITSM services is due to expire in October 2025 and the MOD will be going to market for a new contract to ensure ongoing service continuity from this date.

The Authority intends to hold an industry day to relay our scope, ambitions, requirements, timeline and commercial considerations. The primary aim of this event is to prepare suppliers for the forthcoming Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ) process and down selection.

During the event suppliers will have the opportunity to be briefed by the programme and senior management team and find out more about the SM4P capability and commercial construct.


  1. Arrival & Networking
  2. Welcome & Purpose
  3. View from Senior Responsible Office (SRO)
  4. Programme Context
  5. User Perspective
  6. Live Services Team Perspective
  7. Lunch
  8. SM4P Service Design & Transition
  9. SM4P Procurement & Transition Delivery Plan
  10. Commercials & Route to Market
  11. Q&A Session
  12. Wrap up
  13. Networking

22/03 UPDATE: The Authority has published an additional Information Note regarding this opportunity which can be found here.

Fred Sugden

Fred Sugden

Associate Director, Defence and National Security, techUK

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, techUK

Jeremy Wimble

Programme Manager, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

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