This event will offer health and care technology companies large and small the opportunity to network, learn from one another and find new ways of collaborating and forging partnerships. Over the years, techUK has held a number of these events, and it is clear there is mutual benefit in the partnerships formed by SMEs and larger companies. It provides an opportunity for SMEs to showcase their innovation and capabilities, a chance for larger companies to improve the services they deliver in the public sector through taking advantage of what SMEs can offer, and a way for both sides to expand the network of companies that they work with.

How it works:

Larger companies: The innovative nature of SMEs means that a partnership can bring a multitude of benefits, they’re highly capable, innovative and have the potential to transform public services. Large companies will discuss what they do to support SMEs, the value they see as a larger company in partnering with smaller companies and offer any advice for those looking to break into the market and partner with large organisations.

SMEs: techUK is always championing the work that SMEs do and the value they bring to the market. If you’re an SME, this is your chance to showcase exactly what it is that you do as a company, the benefits that you can provide to large organisations and the opportunities a partnership can provide. Moreover, look to highlight the challenges you face as an SME when trying to access the public sector market and how this might be overcome through partnering and networking. You’ll have two minutes to pitch.

Full agenda to be published shortly.

If you would like to pitch at the event, please contact our Health and Social Care team: [email protected][email protected]. Spaces are limited, so book your place now!