08 Feb 2024

Contribute to our TechTogether campaign

Get involved with our diversity and inclusion campaign month, happening throughout March 2024.

Following the roaring success of techUK’s Women in Tech campaign in March 2023, where we marched forward to close the tech gender gap, this year we are spotlighting all forms of diversity and inclusion needed to foster equal opportunities in the tech sector and beyond.

techUK is actively working to open up new pathways for people from diverse backgrounds to thrive, which will help the sector to develop better products and services that recognise diverse user needs. But supporting everyone, of all backgrounds is a collective responsibility, and by championing diversity and inclusion, we pave the way for a more innovative and equitable future.

Tech companies wield significant influence and have the potential to drive positive social change. Our goal is to use this month to celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion and the work organisations are doing to support it while acknowledging the work that still lies ahead.

This means discussing the good, bad, and ugly realities of working in the industry. As always, we want to support allies in all shapes and forms, wherever they come from. Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear yours!

As the United Nations International Women's Day for 2024 theme focuses on "invest in women: accelerate progress", we are proud to leverage the day as an advocacy tool to forward the need for more investment in minority groups.

This campaign is just one way to accelerate progress, and we hope you will join us in this mission.

Input from members 

We would like to invite members to contribute to the month via blogs, videos, or being an interviewee to discuss actions that both government and industry can take towards the normative and societal good of equal representation in the sector, including:

  • Women in tech.
  • Supporting the progression of those from minority backgrounds in their digital careers.
  • Promoting social mobility and providing equal opportunities.
  • Breaking gender bias in the workplace.
  • Gender pay disparities in the tech world.
  • Strategies for individuals and organisations to be effective allies.
  • Addressing mental health challenges in the tech industry.
  • Combating ageism in the tech industry.
  • Creating technology that is accessible to people with disabilities.
  • The importance of inclusive design in product development.
  • The impact of flexible working on social mobility.

This could be a thought leadership blog post (400–600 words), a case study, or a video that demonstrates your views on this issue.

Email your word document submissions to [email protected]. Please ensure that you also submit a headshot photo, alongside your most updated job title, a short biography, and your company's logo. 



  • Should be between a maximum of 600 words. Please review the blog guidelines.


  • Should be between 30 to 90 seconds long.

  • Should explore the topics above or answer one of the following questions: 

    • How do you currently see equality in tech? And how do you think we can achieve a more diverse future?
    • How are you promoting social mobility and providing equal opportunities?
    • What strategies do you have for individuals and organisations to be effective allies?
    • What advice would you give to aspiring professionals who are looking to work in the tech sector?

Written Interview  

Webinar, event or podcast

  • This activity would fall under our sponsorship opportunities. You can find out more information about the packages here. For any questions, reach out to Nimmi Patel ([email protected]) or Margot Stumm ([email protected]).

International Women's Day - Statements 

How are you forging women's economic growth? We’re looking for members to submit a speaking-to-camera video (of up to 90 seconds) mentioning their stand on ‘International Women's Day’ and highlighting the need to take action and advocate for gender equity in the tech sector. If you prefer, we would also welcome supporting quotes (between 45 and 70 words maximum).

This content will only be published on 8 March on our LinkedIn and website. Content for this specific activity should be submitted no later than the 6th of March. 

SME Sustainability Snapshots - TechTogether Edition 

As techUK is committed to demonstrating innovations in our SME community, we want to hear from members who are active in sustainability or have a great solution to the myriad of environmental challenges we face. For this TechTogether edition, we are looking for tech solutions aiding minority groups affected by climate change.

According to the United Nations, "environmental degradation and the global climate emergency are intensifying the global care crisis. People with fewer resources, including Indigenous women, ethnic minorities, those living with disabilities and with HIV, women of African descent, and LGBTIQ+ persons in developing and Small Island Developing States can be hit especially hard by these compounding crises. Women and girls already spend on average three times more on care work than men and boys."

We want to address these issues in our SME Sustainability Snapshots throughout March. We're accepting videos or voice audios no longer than 2 minutes.

If you've already got content that you'd like to reuse, please send us an email proposal.

#InternationalDataCenterDay 2024 

We're celebrating International Data Centres Day as part of our TechTogether month-long campaign. This day is aimed at raising awareness about the data centre industry and igniting interest among future talents. At techUK, we're dedicated to championing STEM education to foster the continual advancement of the data centre field.

How is your company actively promoting the importance of STEM education to ensure the sustained growth of the data centre industry? Moreover, what steps are you taking to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive future? We invite you to share blogs, quotes, or videos (following the previously mentioned guidelines), showcasing your initiatives for us to promote on International Data Centres Day.

For any Data Centres related questions, please get in touch with Luisa Cardani ([email protected]). 

This content will only be published on 20 March on our LinkedIn and website. Content for this specific activity should be submitted no later than the 15th of March. 

Are you a techUK member hosting an event around these topics in March? 

Please do get in touch, as we may be able to spotlight your event on our website as part of this campaign and support promotion. 

Deadline: Friday 15 March

Note: This opportunity is exclusively open to techUK members. If you would like to take part in this activity, please email [email protected] and [email protected] to initiate a conversation on how to join.

Nimmi Patel

Nimmi Patel

Head of Skills, Talent and Diversity, techUK

Tania Teixeira

Tania Teixeira

Social Media and Content Manager, techUK

Oliver Alderson

Oliver Alderson

Policy and Public Affairs - Team Assistant, techUK