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2023 saw a global spotlight shone on artificial intelligence (AI), with the healthcare sector heralded as one of the areas that could reap the greatest benefits from advances in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and more. 

This global spotlight accelerated the existing focus on the potential for AI to help tackle challenges facing the NHS and the overall healthcare ecosystem, which included: 

  • The creation of the NHS AI Lab in 2019 
  • The 2021 UK Government’s AI Roadmap, which stated that “given the social and economic importance of health and the UK’s potential to build on market opportunities created by the NHS, the sector has been, and should continue to be, at the forefront of AI adoption”
  • The draft National Strategy for AI in Health and Social Care 

This roundtable will bring together innovators, policymakers, and academics to discuss where AI can make the biggest different to the challenges facing the NHS, and how we can work together to overcome barriers to realising this positive change. This session will look at treatment and diagnosis, focussing on medical imaging analysis, clinical decision support systems, predictive analytics, and remote monitoring.

Please arrive from 14:00 for networking and refreshments. The roundtable will kick-off at 14:30. 

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techUK is coordinating a calendar of events, reports, and insights to demonstrate some of the most significant opportunities for AI adoption in 2024, as well as working with key stakeholders to identify and address current barriers to adoption.

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