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techUK at COP diary: Key takeaways as techUK leaves COP 28

techUK will be at COP 28 from Monday to Thursday this week and this is a daily blog of activities and announcements.

techUK at COP diary: Multilevel action, yay or nay?

techUK will be at COP 28 from Monday to Thursday this week, bringing daily blogs of activities and announcements.

VAWG & RASSO – Reflections on the journey so far and what comes next

Listen back to hear from leads from the VAWG Taskfroce, Op Soteria, Police Digital Service and industry experts as they discuss the journey of the VAWG and RASSO digital strategic intents, progress and what comes next.

The Government looks to expand digital UK map of underground cables

The Government's National Underground Asset Register (NUAR), representing a new digital UK map of underground pipes and cables looks to expand, potentially to the public, following a progress update.

techUK leads global coalition urging high ambition in WTO e-commerce negotiations

A joint appeal to the WTO for ambitious goals in e-commerce

Embracing flexible work to bridge the Gender Pay Gap this Equal Pay Day

The Fawcett Society have highlighted the need to embrace flexible work across the economy to help close the gender pay gap for Equal Pay Day 2023.

Quantum and technology futures: Have your say!

A research team at the University of Oxford is working in partnership with the Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub and techUK member EY to run a short 'expert' survey on general approaches to technology, and also the development of quantum computing in the UK. 

Beyond the AI Safety Summit – Immediate priorities for UK Government 

UK and South Korea launch FTA negotiations and sign a Science and Tech deal – What’s in it for tech?

The United Kingdom and South Korea bilateral relationship is poised for a significant leap forward as the two countries have today launched negotiations on a new trade deal

Market Pitching Slides: UK-APAC Tech Forum

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techUK talks with… Shaheen Sayed, CEO - UK, Ireland & Africa, Accenture

techUK talks with...  Shaheen Sayed, Accenture.gif

For the fourth instalment of our popular techUK CEO Talks, we are delighted to be joined by Shaheen Sayed from Accenture to discuss her journey to CEO of one of the UK's largest businesses, and how technology can build a better future for the UK’s economy, people, society, and the planet.