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All You need to know about AI adoption in Criminal Justice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become profoundly rooted in our society - from using virtual assistants to recommendation engines in e-commerce apps. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing & transforming various aspects of our lives. In the trail of intensified digital advancements across various government and private sectors, the judiciary system is also reaping the benefits of technological breakthroughs and transformations... Guest blog by Manish Garg, VE3

Decentralised Identity as an enabler to open banking

Decentralised identity is undoubtedly an enabler to open banking. It offers significant benefits in terms of transparency, innovation, and customer empowerment while addressing key risks related to security and privacy... Guest blog by Mike Lynch, Condatis.

techUK FinTech Campaign Week 2024

The week commencing 10th-14th June we asked our members to submit their thoughts and experties on the transformative power that technology has within the Financial Services industry. Take a look at what our members and stakeholders have shared.

Applying AI to the real world, with a human centric future

Guest blog from Frederic Miskawi at CGI.

How AI-based biometric algorithms are reshaping the travel experience

Guest blog by João Pinto...AI refers to machine intelligence—the ability of computers and systems to emulate human thinking. It encompasses learning, planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. AI systems are designed to mimic cognitive functions associated with human minds, enabling them to analyse data, adapt to new situations, and improve over time without explicit programming for every scenario.

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Week 2024

This week (Monday 8 to Friday 12 April) we will be exploring the role the technology industry is playing to support digital transformation in the public sector. #techUKDigitalPS

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement: an opportunity to boost confidence in the UK tech sector and the wider economy

techUK’s submission to the Autumn Statement

Voting open for techUK Health and Social Care Council

Voting is now open for positions on the techUK Health and Social Care Council. Please read or watch the candidate information and cast your votes before 17:00 on 24 November 2023.

techUK’s Digital Identity Week 2023

techUK’s Cyber Security Week 2023 #techUKCyber2023

The Cyber Programme team are delighted to be hosting our annual Cyber Security Week between 9-13 October.

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