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Event round-up: Is the future of quantum commercialisation in the cloud?

You can watch techUK's latest event on commercialisation of quantum and cloud, part of techUK's #CloudFuture week.

Welcome to Cloud Week 2021!

During this week we will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on what the next-generation of cloud computing deployment will enable in the UK, and identify the core challenges that might hinder the UK delivering cloud-based innovation. You can read more below #CloudFuture

Event round-up: Commercialisation and international collaboration on quantum

On 27 October, techUK’s tech & innovation programme, and international trade programme, joined forces to host the online event Working together towards a quantum future: Commercialisation of and international collaboration on quantum.  

Quantum and Security: Protecting our future

Quantum Technologies move from research into our everyday life

Andreas Baumhof, VP Quantum Technologies, QuintessenceLabs discusses the intergration of Quantum technology into the mainstream as part of techuk's Quantum Commercialisation Week #QuantumUK

Preparing for the quantum migration

Andersen Cheng, CEO, Post-Quantum discusses the capabilities of quantum computers and what this means for data security as part of techUK's Quantum commercialisation week #QuantumUK

Quantum Communications Hub - Enabling a quantum-safe future

Post-Quantum Cybersecurity: protecting our future

CyberHive explore the post-quantum era and the protection of data as part of techUK's Quantum Commercialisation week #QuantumUK

Cutting through the hype – Post-Quantum Cryptography vs Quantum Key Distribution

In this article, Chris Erven, KETS Security cuts through the hype and helps define quantum-safe technologies that industries and enterprises can use to make key decisions. Part of techUK's Quantum Campaign Week

Quantum, emerging technologies and the rule of law

Angelina Gomez, Clifford Chance explores the potential role of lawyers in a new quantum charged world and the protection of individual rights as part of techUK's Quantum Commercialisation week #QuantumUK

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