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Data: a new direction, the UK's data protection reform

The Government has launched a significant consultation on the future of the UK’s data protection framework, which seeks to build on the UK GDPR. Keep up to date with the latest techUK news, views and resources related to this milestone legislation.

One final push needed to reap the full benefits of reform to the UK’s data laws

This Data Protection and Digital Information Bill marks an important evolution of the GDPR and suggests several measured and balanced changes that will support increased data-driven innovation in the UK. However, as we enter the final stretch, reach our analysis on how the Bill can still go further to seize the full opportunities for reform.

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NDS Forum Webinar: The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

techUK was delighted to host a session with the DCMS Data Policy Directorate to unpick the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, and how reform to the data protection regime will help the UK become a world leader in trusted, responsible, and ethical data use and sharing.


Six Principles for the Future of UK Data Governance

In collaboration with members, techUK sets out six bold principles which should be embedded into the UK’s National Data Strategy and reform to the data protection regime. Setting the right data governance framework will be vital in helping to realise the UK's ambition to be a world leading innovative economy and society.

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