Welcome to Cloud Week 2021!

During this week we will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on what the next-generation of cloud computing deployment will enable in the UK, and identify the core challenges that might hinder the UK delivering cloud-based innovation. You can read more below #CloudFuture


Today, the cloud underpins most new innovations and has proven with its resiliency, scalability, flexibility and speed during the uncertainty and disruption of COVID-19 and the long recovery since then 

This week will explore the growing scale of cloud capabilities, how to accelerate growth across different service models, whilst addressing the key challenges that develop with increased cloud adoption, including greening cloud. 

Whether you are interested in contributing your industry expertise or want to discover more about the opportunities of cloud computing, check out the insights shared below: 

Monday - What does the future of cloud look like in the UK?

Speed to Value through Cloud Innovation


Tuesday - Enabling innovation: Cloud and emerging technologies


Wednesday - Cloud and sustainability


Thursday - On the edge: The future of cloud and edge computing


Friday - Cloud skills


Cloud and Quantum

techUK is excited to be partnering with The Quantum Daily for this online webinar taking place 23 November 14:00-15:00

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Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Head of Technology and Innovation, techUK

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Rory Daniels

Programme Manager, Emerging Technologies

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Elis Thomas

Programme Manager, Tech and Innovation, techUK