26 Apr 2024

Watch now: GreenOps, dark data, and a sustainable approach to cloud computing

Continuing techUK’s Cloud Week 2024, this event explored the challenges and opportunities of a climate-friendly approach to cloud computing and highlighted the potential for GreenOps, sustainable coding and cloud native technologies to help organisations meet their net-zero goals.  

Moving operations to the cloud can mean taking advantage of the higher utilisation rates of on-demand infrastructure, more efficient cooling and newer hardware optimised by cloud providers, and the potential for a more flexible and dynamic consumption of resources. However, businesses need to consider carefully how they are managing their consumption of cloud and optimising workloads, data storage and coding to maximise sustainability.

This session highlights the benefits of cloud computing for sustainability and explore best practice for organisations looking to minimise their impact on the environment.

You can watch the full session here:


  • John Ridd, CEO & Co-Founder, Greenpixie
  • Paul Bevis, CTO, FSP
  • Klairi Liis, Director, Sustainable Cloud Technologies - PwC
  • Grant Caley, Solutions Director, NetApp UK&I

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