Vision for Economic Growth - a Roadmap to Prosperity

techUK's CEO, Julian David, was asked by the Lord Mayor of London to join an expert panel that would deliver a blueprint for how the financial and professional services sectors can be supported to deliver shared economic growth. Now published, this blueprint features five key outcomes supported by 9 'big moves' or commitments/calls to action.

These outcomes are:

  • Support the conditions for growth;
  • Raise investment levels;
  • Become a digital-first economy;
  • Anchor the UK as a leader in sustainable finance;
  • Pursue world-class promotion and inter-connectivity.

The ‘big moves’ are:

1) Develop a UK FPS strategy and FPS partnership council;

2) Fully implement a programme of change for UK pension and insurance funds;

3) Maximise the effectiveness of every pound of Government support;

4) Be internationally competitive on data;

5) Invest in driving an innovation and growth mindset;

6) Create the conditions to scale and accelerate finance for the transition;

7) Scale new, high-integrity markets and be at the forefront of new investment opportunities;

8) Showcase the UK’s financial and professional services on the international stage like never before;

9) Create innovative networks across the world.

This blueprint will resonate with a great deal of techUK members and we contribute further to this work as it progresses. If you're interested in knowing more, visit or email [email protected].

Julian David

Julian David

CEO, techUK

Andy Thornley

Andy Thornley

Head of Financial Services, techUK