techUK's InterOp-Pol Initiative

A member-led working group aiming to change commercial behaviour and mindset with regards to interoperability and the challenges facing policing.

techUK is delighted to announce the following individuals have been awarded a place on the Justice & Emergency Services Programmes ‘InterOp-Pol’ Working group – looking at interoperability across policing. Huge congratulations to the following individuals and we thoroughly look forward to working with you as we move into the new year.

  This means that the InterOp-Pol WG is now 12 people - the seven above, plus:

We are also pleased to report that Jo Farrell, Chief Constable at Durham, and NPCC Lead on Data Quality, has agreed to be SRO (Senior Responsible Officer) for the work of the techUK Interoperability Working Group (i.e. InterOp-Pol).  Jo had previously agreed to be SRO for the Standards work overseen by the National Standards Assurance Board (chaired by the ICT Company’s Brendan Johnson) in addition to her Data Quality SRO role.  With the three groups (Interoperability, Standards and Data Quality) now each including representatives of the other two in their leadership teams, Jo’s agreement to this acknowledges the relevance each group has to the other two, and cements the fact that data quality, data & technical standards and interoperability are fundamental to achieving the ambition set out in the National Policing Digital Strategy which, in turn, will support the delivery of the Policing Vision 2025

techUK’s Justice & Emergency Services (JES) Conference 2020

We do hope you were able to join us on Thursday 26 November for the JES Conference, which included a breakout session looking at interoperability across policing and the role of the working group. In total, over 70 attended this particular breakout session where we heard from Jo Farrell, Teresa Ashforth and Brendan Johnson. Not only this, but we also had over 180 attendees join the conference to hear from a range of speakers from Police ICT Company and NEP to INTERPOL, all of whom highlighted the importance of interoperability and the achievements to date – and to be made - through this working group. From our breakout session, we just wanted to highlight the following three takeaways from the session:

  1. The panellists concurred that Standards, Data Quality and Interoperability are – together – important to the successful laying of foundations for the delivery of the National Policing Data & Technology Strategy.
  2. In a first for techUK (certainly in the Public Sector), a techUK Working Group has included in its membership senior representatives of Policing and the Home Office who will work alongside industry on Interoperability
  3. What is needed (at some point – but soon!) is the identification of a Policing Technology challenge which so far has not been resolved where, through using agreed technical and data quality standards, alongside seamless “multi-point” interoperability between several suppliers’ systems, the desired outcome is delivered - which was not possible otherwise.

We look forward to not only running our working group sessions, but also to bringing the wider interoperability supplier community together in regular quarterly updates.  These will not be just for reporting InterOp-Pol activity and progress - but standards and data quality will be included in these updates (which will be attended by the Home Office too). If you are interested in being on the ‘wider interoperability supplier community’ mailing list, please reach out to Georgie using the contact details below.

Georgina Henley

Georgina Henley

Programme Manager, Justice and Emergency Services, techUK

Georgie joined techUK as the Justice and Emergency Services Programme Manager in March 2020.

Georgie is dedicated to representing suppliers by creating a voice for those who are selling into blue lights and the justice system, but also by helping them in navigating this market. Georgie is committed to creating a platform for collaboration, from engaging with industry and stakeholders to understand the latest innovations, to the role tech can play in responding to a range of issues our justice and emergency services are facing 

Prior to joining techUK, Georgie managed a Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) in Westminster. She worked closely with the Metropolitan Police and London borough councils to prevent and reduce the impact of crime on the business community. Her work ranged from the impact of low-level street crime and anti-social behaviour on the borough, to critical incidents and violent crime.

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