techUK's AI Week 2023 | #AIWeek2023

Welcome to #AIWeek2023 where we will be highlighting developments in the AI space and in AI governance! ChatGPT may or may not be included!

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This year, with the publication of the UK Government’s AI White Paper, marks a huge opportunity for the UK to champion a pro-innovation, context-specific, risk-based approach to governing AI.

During the campaign, we’ll be discussing the next steps needed to get AI governance right in the UK, including where further action is needed to support responsible innovation and market growth.

Throughout the week we will be highlighting the latest, cutting-edge developments in AI across healthcare and life sciences, environment and sustainability, assisted intelligence, financial services, and transport and infrastructure.

Day 1 - Healthcare and Life Sciences


Day 2 - Environment and Sustainability


Day 3 - Assisted Intelligence, including Generative AI

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Event round-up - Future Visions: ChatGPT


Day 1 - Quantum Commercialisation

How do we action the UK Quantum Strategy to develop a world-pioneering quantum economy? 


Day 5 - Transport and Infrastructure

How best to prepare for the EU’s AI Act

As the EU’s AI Act continues to progress through the European Parliament, we look to decipher, with our legal panel of experts, what the latest developments in this area could mean for our members and how industry can best prepare for what’s to come.

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Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

Head of Data Analytics, AI and Digital ID, techUK