techUK response to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero Consultation on Climate Change Agreements (CCA) new Scheme

techUK with the help of SLR Consulting, responded to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero’s (DESNZ) consultation on the new Climate Change Agreements (CCA) scheme - on behalf of our data centre sector members.

In responding to the DESNZ consultation on the new Climate Change Agreements (CCA) scheme, techUK welcomed the decision to reopen it to new participants as the data centres sector is growing, and the premature closure placed new entrants to the market at a disadvantage and generated uncertainty.

However, we also noted that the original purpose of the scheme was to primarily protect energy-intensive sectors. Recently, the scope and intention of the CCA seem to have shifted towards an energy efficiency scheme. The primary objective of the CCA was to protect UK business competitiveness from unilaterally high energy costs and incentivise investment.  While improved energy efficiency was an important condition, it was not the primary aim.

Another point we made, was to urge the UK government to note the benefit of international coherence when developing frameworks. This is particularly on sustainability indicators and reporting timelines. 

The CCA is a crucial scheme from which data centre operators benefit, by keeping them competitive, providing great interventions towards energy efficiency and other sustainability measures, and is often a selling point for industry.

Read techUK's response in detail here.

Of note, techUK collaborated with the ETG (UK Emissions Trading Group) to coordinate our responses to this consultation regarding reservations about the CCA proposal to include emissions from energy consumption already covered by UK ETS in the reporting process. Please find their letter here.


Target Period Dates:

  • Target Period 1 (indicative): 1 January 2025 – 31 December 2026
  • Target Period 2: 1 January 2027 – 31 December 2028
  • Target Period 3: 1 January 2029 – 31 December 2030

Certification Period Dates:

  • Certification Period 1: 1 July 2027 – 30 June 2029
  • Certification Period 2: 1 July 2029 – 30 June 2031
  • Certification Period 3: 1 July 2031 – 31 March 2033
Luisa C. Cardani

Luisa C. Cardani

Head of Data Centres Programme, techUK

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