techUK Responds to the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee Inquiry | Keeping the power on: our future energy technology mix

As we navigate the complexities of energy transformation, we emphasise the need for a system-based perspective that considers various vectors of infrastructure. Our position highlights the crucial importance of focusing on how we deliver energy utilising digital tech solutions, rather than what technology to choose from.

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techUK is deeply committed to driving the UK's transition to a sustainable and reliable energy future. As a prominent representative of the technology sector, we recognise the pivotal role that innovation, policy alignment, and strategic planning play in achieving these goals. Our response to the committee inquiry is a testament to our dedication to creating a robust energy system that effectively matches demand with significant supply while embracing the value of a flexible energy approach.

The UK's tech sector has emerged as a powerhouse of innovation and economic growth, contributing significantly to the nation's prosperity. However, we must not rest on our laurels; the global competition for key technologies necessitates a forward-thinking approach. As we navigate the complexities of energy transformation, we emphasise the need for a system-based perspective that considers various vectors of infrastructure.

Our discussions shed light on the crucial importance of focusing on the "how" of delivering energy solutions. The successful integration of innovative technologies requires a well-defined delivery plan, transparent regulatory measures, and collaboration between stakeholders. Certainty and clarity are cornerstones of investor confidence and long-term planning, ensuring that the UK remains a competitive player on the global stage.

Innovation integration and collaboration are pivotal to realising a flexible energy system. By leveraging digital infrastructure and smart technologies, we can optimise resource allocation, reduce waste, and enhance system efficiency. To harness the full potential of our energy transition, we advocate for a harmonious interplay between policy, infrastructure, and digital transformation.

Digital infrastructure can form the backbone of a resilient energy landscape. Overcoming commercialisation challenges and fostering standardisation will unleash the true potential of storage solutions, contributing to grid stability and energy security. Effective policy and regulation are paramount, creating an environment conducive to innovation, investment, and collaboration. Policy alignment with infrastructure planning is key, considering the intertwined nature of energy and technology sectors.

As techUK, we are committed to leveraging our expertise, resources, and collaborative spirit to support the UK's journey towards a sustainable energy future. By embracing a holistic system approach, driving innovation, and fostering effective collaboration between all stakeholders, including policy makers and regulators. We believe that the UK can emerge as a leader in the global energy transition, setting a benchmark for resilient, efficient, and flexible energy systems.

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Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva

Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems, techUK

Teodora’s rich background varies from working in business development for a renewable energy lobbying association in Brussels to the fast moving technology innovation startup scene in the UK.

She has designed the market strategy for a German renewable energy engineering scale up for the UK, listed on Nasdaq private market, and now one of the fastest growing scale ups in the world. Previous experience also includes managing a renewable energy startup in London, which has built a small-scale biomass CHP power plant. Teodora is passionate about cross-industry collaboration and working together with academia to inform the design of future educational models and skill building.

Most recently Teodora has ran the commercial activities and business development at Future Cities Catapult, focusing on innovation in cities, digital health and wellbeing, mobility, and infrastructure. Teodora is a passionate STEM Ambassador and a vocal advocate for women in tech.

[email protected]
020 7331 2016

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