techUK at London Tech Week 2022

techUK is proud to once again be a strategic partner of London Tech Week.



London Tech Week provides the tech industry with a global platform to come together to drive change. This year the agenda explores themes including the next generation of tech innovation, building impactful innovation at scale, and developing a thriving tech industry.

As part of our partnership we will be running several fringe events during the week including roundtables, networking sessions, podcasts and webinars. We will be joined by senior leaders, government officials and executives as we focus on foreign direct investment, tech policy, net zero, the foundations for lifelong learning, levelling up, quantum, AI, ethics, the UK Innovation Strategy, and healthtech.

Learn more about our events below:

Monday 6 June: How can we skill tech to reach net zero goals?
With organisation's focusing on their ESG strategy, and facing significant skills gaps, this event will explore the future of sustainable workplaces and how we can ensure sustainability mindedness runs through each employee. Read our event summary or watch the session on demand here.

Monday 13 June: How future technologies can support high-quality care
This webinar will explore the role of future technologies in supporting the delivery of high-quality care. Panellists will include innovative companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and more. Read more and register.

Tuesday 14 June: The UK Innovation Strategy one year on – are we winning the global race for tech Innovation?
This webinar will explore what we have learnt since the release of the UK’s Innovation Strategy, and whether UK government, academia and industry are working together to build the right innovation ecosystem to support businesses of the future. Read more and register.

Tuesday 14 June: How can the tech sector help in Levelling Up the United Kingdom?
Join this webinar to discuss the role the tech sector must play in the Levelling Up agenda. From developing a skilled workforce, leading service improvement, starting new businesses, and providing innovative new practices and new trade opportunities. Read more and register.

Wednesday 15 June: AI engineering - an ethics job? (techUK member only event)
Following his 2021 Reith lectures, this event will provide an opportunity to dive deeper into one of the conditions Stuart Russell argues is necessary for a harmonious human-AI future: that AI researchers see as inherent to success that their outputs are provably beneficial to mankind. Read more and register.

Thursday 16 June: Creating the foundations for lifelong learning
To fill the tech and tech-enabled jobs that continue to grow, the UK needs a flexible range of education options that supports differing skill levels. Join this event to find out what tech businesses are doing to revolutionise the way we learn. Read more and register.

Thursday 16 June: Discovering investment opportunities for overseas tech companies in the UK regions
The UK is a clear leader in Europe when it comes to digital tech investment, digital skills and collaboration within ecosystems. In this session we’ll explore what the UK regions have to offer tech businesses outside the UK looking to invest and expand abroad. Read more and register.

Thursday 16 June: Why the West Midlands?
Uncover a wealth of opportunities available for incoming businesses into the West Midlands, ranging from extensive investor support to the region’s world-class universities, state-of-the-art R&D incubators, and superb business accelerator programmes. Read more and register.

Friday 17 June: Digital impact on the built environment: what are the technologies transforming the infrastructure sectors?
This session will focus on the application of digital tech in the infrastructure sectors: utilities, transport, and cities. We will discuss how to prepare for a truly digital journey, what are the technologies to watch out for, and what is the art of the possible. Read more and register.

Friday 17 June: Unpacking the UK’s free trade agreements in the Asia Pacific
The UK is forging strong digital trade links in the Asia Pacific. In this session, we will explore what commercial opportunities the UK’s new Free Trade Agreement wins bring to tech businesses and how to maximise their benefits for digital tech scaleups. Read more and register.

Monday 20 June: Tech Policy Leadership Conference
The conference will discuss the most pressing questions policy questions that face the tech sector in 2022 including competition policy, online safety, data protection, innovation, and digital skills with leaders in the UK’s tech policy community. Read more and register.


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