29 Mar 2021

SME Member Spotlight | Arora Digital

Spotlight:  A chat with Sandeep Arora, CEO of Arora Digital


What's your backstory, Sandeep?

Circa 20 years in the Financial Industry, working for organisations such as PWC, JP Morgan and UBS.  Key specialisms are in Finance, Risk and Compliance.

I started Arora Digital a few years ago, as I was attracted by the energy and potential of the international technology startup scene and saw a gap both from a Business and Financial perspective that I could help fill.  I started with a vision for the company to act as conduit for greater awareness and faster adoption of innovative technology from all parts of the world.


What does Arora Digital do?

Simply put, we help tech companies take their products & brands into UK and Europe.

How?  Our Market Entry Launchpad partners with B2B tech companies using a step by step blueprint model for effective low cost strategic entry into the UK and European markets.  The blueprint provides companies with a strong market understanding, a local presence and capability, access to Industry experts, dedicated events and introductions to the ecosystem and networks.

Who? We typically work with companies that are able to demonstrate early adoption of their product and that are now looking to develop their international strategy. 


What problems do you solve?

  1. Finance: Entering new markets is expensive and therefore many companies initially look to do it opportunistically as opposed to strategically.  We minimise costs, share risks and assess funding opportunities to enable our clients to take a fast but effective strategic approach.
  2. Local Expertise: Breaking into new international markets requires strong local knowledge and presence.  The Launchpad provides clients with access to its industry experts and broad network.
  3. Exposure / Credibility: Clients need to build their exposure and credibility to enable them to get noticed by potential customers / partners and compete effectively with local competitors. The Launchpad runs dedicated events and activities to build the profile of its clients.
  4. Network / Contacts: Connecting with and plugging into the local ecosystem is essential to start building relationships with potential partners and customers.  The Launchpad provides the early introductions clients need with key ecosystem players and potential partners / customers.
  5. Local Presence: A local presence is key to building a strong client portfolio and managing customer relationships.  The Launchpad supports companies on Day 1 with a local presence and later supports them with building their Sales, Marketing and Operations capabilities.


Are there any failures that you are willing to share?

The key failing we had was to try too hard to please our initial clients by opening up opportunities that they just were not ready for.  We learnt that it is key to approach opportunities with the right structure in place and at the right time.  This required us to reflect on our model and build a structured step by step blueprint that would give our clients the maximum chance of success.


What have you got planned?

We have 4 incredibly exciting and diverse events lined up in April 2021 focused on 5G, EdTech, Retail Tech and Clinical trials.

Beyond that we are looking to setup a series of events with TechUK and other partners to showcase the strength and attraction of the UK for international tech companies.

Looking further forward, Arora Digital will be looking to expand our global footprint and work with tech companies from even more countries.


How can people get in contact with you?

People can e-mail me on [email protected] or visit our website at: https://www.arora.digital

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