24 Jan 2024
by Julie Preston

Security policy impact in the modern world

Guest blog by Julie Preston, Defence and Security Account Manager at Workspace Technology Ltd #NatSec2024

The security policy framework includes provisions relating to data protection, cybersecurity, and measures to safeguard critical infrastructure.

To deliver efficient public services, proper protection of citizen data is essential. Resilience to cyber threats, compliance with data protection laws and management of national security related information within these systems requires security to be integral to their design and implementation. Protecting against malicious behaviour and ensuring that critical technology and services are resilient to disruptive challenges such as cyber-attacks, eaves dropping, espionage and IP protection.

The Intelligence and Security Committee’s Russia report noted the vulnerability of the UK to threats by hostile state-sponsored campaigns designed to undermine the integrity and national security of the UK. The ISC recommended that protecting our political system from hostile foreign interference is a central responsibility of Government.

Data Centres are critical components of information technology infrastructure, its vital to ensure their security and resilience. In some circumstances higher levels of security need to be considered and implemented to ensure the increased levels of protection required, thus the evolution and increasing demand for SCIFS, TDDC’s and Secure Command Posts.

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), Cyber Secure Meeting Rooms Designed to Communicate & Manage Sensitive Information.
  • Tactical Deployable Data Centre (TDDC) - Cyber Secure Bespoke Data Centres
  • Cyber Secure Command & Control Facilities Allowing Personnel to Coordinate & Control Forces and Operations in the Accomplishment of the Mission.
  • Unmanned Vehicle Control - Unmanned Control Applications Protecting Systems for External Interference

All the above need to be compliant buildings designed to NSA 94-106 / ICS-ICD705 / NATO SDIP-27 standards. Designed to Protect Against Eavesdropping & Espionage.

  • Attack Resistant
  • RF Secure
  • Soundproof
  • Intergated Security

Workspace Technology offer the Secure Cube Technology to combat and overcome the security challenges faced in the modern world. With security requirements continually increasing Workspace Technology will work with you to ensure your environment is protected.





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Julie Preston

Julie Preston

Business Development Manager, Workspace Technology Limited