NCSC Blog - AI and cyber security: what you need to know

The National Cyber Security Centre has released a blog on understanding the risks - and benefits - of using AI tools.

To access the full document click here.

Ignited by the release of ChatGPT in late 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the world's interest and has the potential to bring many benefits to society. However, for the opportunities of AI to be fully realised, it must be developed in a safe and responsible way, especially when the pace of development is high, and the potential risks are still unknown.

As with any emerging technology, there's always concern around what this means for security. This guidance is designed to help managers, board members and senior executives (with a non-technical background) to understand some of the risks - and benefits - of using AI tools.

Managers don't need to be technical experts, but they should know enough about the potential risks from AI to be able to discuss issues with key staff.

The guidance covers:

  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • How does AI work?
  • Why the widespread interest in AI?
  • What are the cyber security risks in using AI?
  • How can leaders help ensure that AI is developed securely?
  • Questions to ask about the security of your organisation’s AI systems
  • Further reading

To access the full document click here.

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