25 May 2023
by Laura Brocklebank

Innovation Unleashed: Building an Ecosystem of Collaboration (Enterprise Ireland)

Guest blog by Laura Brocklebank, Senior Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland #LPSInnovation

Join Laura Brocklebank in the blog ‘Innovation Unleashed: Building an Ecosystem of Collaboration’, to explore how Enterprise Ireland is supporting the growth and success of businesses through an innovation-friendly eco-system. Discover the transformative solutions provided by our client companies to local authorities in the UK across various sectors, including transport, housing, and infrastructure. From waste management to connected homes and mobile coverage, explore how we're fostering collaboration and driving tech innovation across various sectors. Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government agency for innovation and development.

Enterprise Ireland's Commitment to an Innovation-Friendly Ecosystem

Innovation is the key for business success, especially in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Enterprise Ireland is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that enables businesses to thrive and grow. As a trusted strategic partner for UK councils, our mission is to facilitate client innovation by linking them to the public sector and with UK partners, fostering long-term sustainable partnerships. We support all industries and invest in Irish companies through all stages of growth from early stage to larger organisations. From our London and Manchester offices, we support Irish companies to grow and scale in the UK with the help of our sector expert market advisors.

Transforming Local Outcomes through Collaborative Solutions

Enterprise Ireland co-ordinates a cluster of client companies collaborating closely with UK local authorities and the public sector, these companies are delivering technology solutions, improving the lives of residents, delivering social value and addressing council challenges. We are proud to work with our clients to help solve the challenges of public services to transform local outcomes. Our clients are market leaders in cutting-edge tech innovation, digitisation, quality, value and sustainability and have demonstrated experience and expertise in supporting councils to be efficient and cost-effective across various sectors, including infrastructure, transport, roads and highways, smart cities, smart energy, housing, digital health, education & skills, waste & recycling, and digital transformation. Here are some examples of our client companies who are delivering innovative tech solutions to local authorities.

Examples of Client Companies' Innovative Solutions

OpenSky collaborates closely with UK Local Authorities, delivering innovative waste data management solutions to achieve cost savings and support the achievement of strategic waste targets. West London Waste Authority exemplifies OpenSky's superior waste data capabilities in demonstrating Household Reuse and Recycling Centers' performance through KPIs like recycling rates. They have subsequently made a business case to separate rubble from residual waste which will save up to £150k annually, benefiting WLWA, stakeholders and the 1.7 million residents served. OpenSky now utilises advanced machine learning algorithms to optimise facility usage, reduce carbon footprint, and fulfill future ESG commitments in collaboration with Local Authority customers - OpenSky – Welcome (openskydata.com)

Aico, the European market leader in home life safety, pioneer's data and offers high-quality alarms, developed, and manufactured in Ireland. They expanded their Connected Home offering through HomeLINK, a software team that integrates and analyses technologies for social landlords and residents. Hull CC recently installed HomeLINK in over 3000 high-risk housing units, enabling remote monitoring and risk assessment. Aico are excited about driving innovation in the UK and collaborating with clients across sectors to unlock their full potential. By fostering an innovation-friendly ecosystem, they aim to create a better future for all - Aico | The European Market Leader in Home Life Safety

The availability of quality 4G and 5G mobile coverage offers the opportunity for Local Authorities to address the UK’s digital divide. Poor coverage and reported ‘not spots’ challenge councils dealing with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Inakalum’s innovative solution measures both Signal Strength (dBm) and Capacity (upload/download speeds Mbps) of all MNOs simultaneously, giving a true reflection of user experience in surveyed areas. Inakalum's recent London pilot, conducted in collaboration with Westminster City Council, captured 60,000 data points for all four MNOs in one day, using equipment placed in a recycling truck during its daily route. The successful pilot will expand to additional routes very soon - Home - Inakalum

Conclusion and Call to Action

If you would like to find out more about Enterprise Ireland and the leading companies supporting local authorities across all industries, please contact Laura Brocklebank, UK Local Authorities Lead, Enterprise Ireland UK at [email protected].

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Laura Brocklebank

Laura Brocklebank

Senior Market Advisor, Enterprise Ireland