23 Jun 2022

Frontline Digitisation – fifth supplier engagement session with the NHS Transformation Directorate & NHS Digital

On 22 June, techUK organised the latest session in the Frontline Digitisation supplier engagement series, which our Health and Social Care team has been supporting since July 2021. Held with the NHS Transformation Directorate, formerly NHSX, and NHS Digital, the events usually provide an update on the programme, through which the aim is to accelerate the uptake of the foundational technology needed to drive digital transformation across the NHS. 

At this session, we were joined by:

  • Anna Hawksley, Assistant Director
  • Steve Burrows, Head of Commercial Delivery
  • Thomas Storey, Senior Project Manager
  • Dermot Bolton, Senior Programme Manager
  • Maurice Isaac, Senior Project Manager
  • Thomas Russell, Engagement Lead, Standards and Interoperability.

Although the session provided an update on progress up to date, a dedicated meeting on the EPR usability survey for acute services is taking place on 30 June, which you can sign up for and find out more about here.

"Our vision is a digitised health and care system where the health service and its users have the digital services and access to information they need to effectively manage and improve health and wellbeing," Frontline Digitisation programme.

The Frontline Digitisation programme is aiming to level up systems and providers to a baseline level of core digital capability, following the What Good Looks Like framework released last year.

At the moment, data indicates that 85% of all NHS secondary care providers have made progress, with 23% considered to be highly digitally mature and 15% that continue to heavily run on paper. The focus of the programme is therefore to support those that still need to make progress according to their own needs. 

The ambition is for:

  • 90% of providers to have an EPR in place and all remaining providers to be in deployment by December 2023
  • 100% of providers to have an EPR in place by March 2025.

The session also covered the recent request for evidence issued by the NHS to suppliers to help support efforts to inform the EPR strategy and plans to improve levels of interoperability across the system. 

The two asks are:

  •  Emailing existing case studies on interoperability, integration, data architecture, or blockers in patient pathways that involve several care settings. The email address to send this to is [email protected].  
  • Completing and sharing the survey on the blockers to standards adoption. If you have any further questions about the survey, please contact [email protected] with “Blockers Survey” in the subject line.

You can watch the full recording of this session below. If you have any questions about the techUK session, please contact [email protected]