Data Centre Professionalism Steering Group

This Group works on a project with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) to make the process of applying for professional registration within the sector less intimidating without reducing rigour or compromising standards. The project also aims to improve awareness of the professionalism already present in the sector.

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Professional registration for technical staff working in data centres - project description

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Overview of Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme

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Why work in a data centre


Personal perspectives from our Sector Superheroes

There is an erroneous perception that the only people working in data centres are geeks and computer science graduates.  In fact, the data centre sector employs people from surprisingly varied educational backgrounds and presents an astonishing range of career opportunities for those working within the industry.  Here are a few personal perspectives from individuals working in the sector. They take turns to explain how they got here, why they’ve stayed, and why they would recommend the sector as a career destination of choice.



Gary Hutchings

Va va vroom! From motorbike enthusiast to Engineering Design Authority

(click here to read Gary's story)


Jack Bedell-Pearce

An impulsive purchasing decision that has kept him busy ever since. 

(click here to read Jack's story)

Mark Acton

A crazy paving path from geologist on an oil rig to Head of Technical Consulting.

(click here to read Mark's story)

David Watkins

A beautiful straight line route all the way from computer studies!

(click here to read David's story)

Ben Johnson

A tangential move from offshore oil and gas to another critical environment!

(click here to read Ben's story)

Awaiting picture

Tony Day

A narrow escape from a life in the printing industry, into data centres via engineering design and architecture.

(click here to read Tony's story)

Hayley Godlieb

Careful research revealed that data centres drive the future….so hopped on board.

(click here to read Hayley's story)

Ashley Davis

Escaped school via a BT apprenticeship then all the way to Managing Director.

(click here to read Ashley's story)

Sabrina Marino

From arsenic removal in contaminated water systems to Senior Mechanical Engineer for the leading global colocation provider.

(click here to read Sabrina's story)

Simon Allen

From the communications sector -  with the UK’s first commercial ISP, to Executive Director

(click here to read Simon's story)

Mitul Patel

Looked for and found an industry leader in a fast growing sector

(click here to read Mitul's story)

Kerry Coke-Smyth

An unlikely- but entirely logical -  path from Figure Skater to Senior Data Centre Technician

(click here to read Kerry's story)

Paul Cranfield

An industry apprenticeship in mission critical environments (before the term was invented) led to Director of Power (the best job title in the industry) and to Partner.

(click here to read Paul's story)

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