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Communications Infrastructure and Services

techUK brings together government, the regulator, telecom companies and its stakeholders around four themes; shared infrastructure, security and resilience, unlicensed spectrum and our 5G ecosystem. We do so to lower the cost to the sector of deployment, ensure confidence in networks, spur innovation and unlock value for all parties in 5G. This is delivered through a mix of thought leadership, multilateral engagement and ecosystem building.

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Communications Infrastructure and Services Group

World-leading communications infrastructure underpins the UK’s aim of an open digital economy. Communications networks are the life-blood of the UK’s digital applications and services, and a key component of this ambition will be in incentivising investment and innovation. techUK’s Communications Infrastructure Programme brings together FTSE 100 companies and SMEs from across the sector - fixed, wireless, mobile, satellite operators, equipment suppliers - to advocate a connected future for all.

5G Ecosystem Working Group

techUK’s 5G Ecosystem Working Group explores the opportunities that 5G can provide, bringing together members and stakeholders to explore the effects 5G will have on Industry 4.0 (manufacturing and logistics), creative industries (including VR/AR, broadcasting and gaming) and the barriers and opportunities in the rural economy. The ecosystem is likely to expand rapidly, and we expect it to be highly interactive: business cases will emerge that show benefits from using multiple technologies.

Telecoms Security and Diversification Working Group

techUK’s Telecoms Security and Diversification Working Group brings members from our telecoms network operators, equipment vendors, system, and cyber security companies together to help formulate how industry should respond to the Government’s Telecoms Security activity. Covering both fixed and wireless infrastructure, the working group explores topics such as the 5G core, complexity, regulation, security, resilience and risk management and private networks to determine industry best practice.

Fibre Driving and Infrastructure Sharing Working Group

techUK’s Fibre Driving and Infrastructure Sharing Working Group emphasises the uptake of the deployment of fibre and 5G networks through engagement and collaboration with local authorities, working with techUK’s Local Government Programme. We want to help demystify 5G for public sector bodies and create a checklist (including use cases) for Local Authorities to get 5G-ready. Satellite can also be considered as a connectivity solution, either direct to users or as part of the backhaul solution.

Licence-exempt Shared Spectrum Working Group

Following Ofcom proposals on spectrum sharing, this working group aims to ensure the value of unlicensed spectrum is recognised by building a solid evidence-base of international use cases. Access to licence-exempt bands provide significant benefits for end users, equipment vendors, and service providers. The value of these services and applications provided is incredibly important, and likely to continue to increase alongside increasing value resulting from use of licensed spectrum.

Positioning, Navigation and Timing Committee

The Position, Navigation and Timing Committee (PNTC) looks at the technology, regulatory and policy issues, development and investment opportunities, and applications and services of satellite-based location technology.

Satellite Telecommunications Committee

The joint techUK/UKspace Satellite Telecommunications Committee meets quarterly to consider matters related to satellite telecoms from research and development, including the European ARTES programme, to services and applications including the provision and marketing of satellite broadband, satellite IOT, and broadcasting infrastructure and services both in the UK and overseas.

APPG for Broadband and Digital Communication

techUK's Communications Infrastructure and Services Programme provides the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Broadband and Digital Communication, which seeks to further the rollout of broadband in rural and urban areas, and to look at digital communication across the UK.

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Our future networks: Motivating and maintaining telecoms diversification - the techUK podcast


In this episode of the techUK podcast, we are joined by the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee, to discuss the recent publication of the report: 5G market diversification and wider lessons for critical and emerging technologies. The episode also features a roundtable discussion with Attilio Zani – Telecom Infra Project, Peter Claydon - Picocom, and Helen Duncan on open and disaggregated networks, including security challenges and the importance of testing, fostering a cohesive ecosystem and how the UK can set the right path in motivating and maintaining telecoms supply chain diversification. 


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