Join us on Thusrday 08 June (10:00 - 12:15) for a UK SPF Cluster 4 workshop focused on the UK preparation of WRC-23. 

The event will into the UK preparations for WRC-23. Sign up to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and issues of the agenda items that will be discussed at WRC-23, as well as the preparations that are being made leading up to the conference. 

The event will feature a keynote presentation by Ofcom's Head of International Spectrum Policy, Stephen Talbot, as well as a panel led by stakeholders which will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the latest developments and discussions surrounding the Conference. 

Please see a copy of the draft agenda below. If you'd like to take part in the panel, get in touch!

Draft Agenda

Introduction by SPF C4 Chair (KS)                                                        [5 min]

Overview from DSIT                 TBC                                                     [10 mins]

Presentation by Ofcom / Stephen Talbot:                                           [45 mins]

  • UK priorities for WRC-23
  • UK positions / views on major WRC-23 agenda items.
  • Major open issues / topics (as seen by UK Ofcom)
  • Next steps UK (and CEPT) to WRC-2023
  • Initial Q&A / Initial discussion

Panel Discussion (with focus on WRC-23 agenda items where there is no emerging consensus) [50-55 mins]

  • Moderator / KS
  • Ofcom / Steve Talbot
  • Tuck Poon, Nokia
  • Wolfgang Bilz, Shure
  • David Hemingway, BBC / EBU
  • Paul Deedman, Inmarsat / GSOA
  • More speakers coming soon.

Closure & Networking lunch

Sophie James

Sophie James

Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy, techUK

Manuel R. Marti

Manuel R. Marti

Programme Manager, UK SPF and Satellite, techUK

Julia Ofori-Addo

Julia Ofori-Addo

Programme Assistant, Central Government, Digital Connectivity Forum, Comms Infrastructure, UK SPF, techUK