NPSA (the National Protective Security Authority) are the UK government’s national technical authority on personnel and physical security, and work closely with the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) who are our counterparts for cyber security. As part of our remit, we provide protective security advice to businesses and academia to protect the UK economy from national security threats.

Certain states go far beyond legitimate international competition, descending into theft of intellectual assets and data for their technological, economic and military advantage. Given the UK’s strong record in research and development, and vibrant start up ecosystem, UK innovation is a particularly attractive target to a wide range of threats.

Secure Innovation is a joint NPSA/NCSC campaign targeting UK emerging technology companies. Secure Innovation aims to give emerging technology companies the motivation and tools to deliver effective protective security, increasing their resilience to state threats and their competitive advantage when attracting funding or customers. Secure Innovation was developed by the NPSA and NCSC in collaboration with industry.

This webinar will provide details of the threats to UK innovation, and the protective security measures that companies can implement to protect their innovation and their business. We hope that after this session, attendees will be familiar with the security threats to their business, and understand the steps they should take and the resources available to help them protect their innovation and their business.

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, techUK

National Security Programme

techUK's National Security programme aims to lead debate on new and emerging technologies which present opportunities to strengthen UK national security, but also expose vulnerabilities which threaten it. Through a variety of market engagement and policy activities, it assesses the capability of these technologies against various national security threats, developing thought-leadership on topics such as procurement, innovation, diversity and skills.

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