Welcome back to techUK’s AI Leaders Lunchtime Lecture Series, where each month we ask a different world-leading expert on AI to offer their opinions on the greatest opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to get our AI future right.

This month we’re delighted to be joined by Craig Rhodes, EMEA Industry Lead - AI for Healthcare and Life Sciences at NVIDIA. Craig works with leading clinical and research organisations that support the delivery of artificial intelligence to improve clinical pathways and patient outcomes.

During this session we’ll be discussing NVIDIA’s new AI supercomputer, Cambridge-1 which will be inaugurated on the 7th July. This will be NVIDIA’s first supercomputer for external research access and will enable the UK healthcare ecosystem to tap into massively powerful computing resources to fully harness the capabilities of AI. Cambridge-1, which is expected to rank among the world’s top 5 green supercomputers, will be used to solve healthcare’s greatest challenges—improving patient care, identifying causes of diseases, and tailoring targeted therapeutics for patients.

This event not only presents a chance for attendees to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the latest innovations in AI but also to raise questions and issues for discussion. So, grab your sandwich and join us for this interactive discussion!


If you’d like to attend this session and are not currently a techUK member, please RSVP to [email protected].