24 June 2021 10am – 5pm Hewetson Hall, Shrivenham Defence Academy


The Defence Integrated Operating Concept 2025 set out the case for change in defence, and explained the changes to the threats and the challenges faced by the UK.

Multi-Domain Integration is about ensuring that every part of defence can work seamlessly together, and with government departments and Britain’s allies, to ensure it is capable of responding to the threats we face.

MDI Vision

  • To create a unified way of working between all parts of defence, which uses every capability in concert to support a desired outcome.
  • To use modern technology to enable this to happen more quickly, more efficiently, and more often.
  • To change the way of thinking in defence. Everyone in defence needs to embrace MDI, because everyone will contribute to it in some way.

The MDI Change Programme is led by Strategic Command, working in collaboration with MOD Head Office and the Front-Line Commands.

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The Industry Day


The day will provide industry with information about the aims of MDI, the motivations for change, MDI’s concept and how the Change Programme has been put together.

In the morning, senior speakers from across the Ministry of Defence will outline the ambitions of MDI and how the objectives will be met.

The afternoon will focus on break out discussions with industry. The breakout forums will focus on:

  • What needs to change in the MOD and industry to better enable and/or achieve MDI?
  • Where can defence better learn from industry and academia in realising MDI in the Information Age?
  • Where can defence seek knowledge, experience and innovation to improve for future MDI operations?

Why Attend?

Attendees will gain an improved understanding of the initiatives that form part of the programme and will have the opportunity to help influence change in defence.


Thursday 24 June 2021

1000 - 1700


Hewetson Hall
Shrivenham Defence Academy

Please note that some elements of the day will be streamed online for remote attendance.

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To register your interest in attending, please email the organisers at [email protected] detailing your name and organisation.