In Defence we need to position ourselves ahead of our adversaries by sensing, recognising, and responding to opportunities and threats faster than our challengers.  We need data driven, interconnected digital services that integrate with our partners and allies, helping us make better, more informed decisions.

To this end, the Defence Digital Networks Category team within Defence Digital will hold a roundtable discussion on Tuesday 3 September 2024 for companies to engage with MOD to help develop a plan for the future of Defence Fixed Networks as well as Voice, Video and Mobile Communications services.

Areas of key focus for MOD are:

  • Secure By Design - the Government is working to protect UK citizens and businesses from the threats posed by poorly secured consumer connectable products (such as 'IoT' or 'smart' devices), as well as ensuring we can react appropriately to evolving cyber threats. We need to work with our supply chain and embrace the innovation that is critical to delivering the security and resilience needed.
  • Assurance of supply and our supply chains - we are seeking access to a secure and resilient supply base which can meet our security objectives.
  • Disaggregation - we are keen to open the market to small and medium-sized enterprises and avoid future vendor lock in.

Developing the requirements for our future networks, focusing on outcomes and development of our Intelligent Client Function.

  • Innovation and Collaboration - this will increase the flexibility of the services provided and allow us to work in a more agile way.
  • Driving value for money - we will focus on maximising value to the taxpayer whilst ensuring we have flexible networks available to our users to manage any global events which arise.
  • Social Value - we are looking to standardise to appropriate measures across networks to ensure consistency and clarity as to our requirements. This will allow focus on the delivery of the capability and achieving value for money.   Priority Model Award Criteria deemed to have a greater impact on the services / requirements purchased across Networks are:
    • Fighting Climate Change
    • Tackling Economic Inequality – Increase supply chain resilience and capacity.
    • Tackling Economic Inequality – Create new jobs and skills​.

This is an opportunity for industry to contribute to ensuring a better future for Defence Networks.

Fred Sugden

Fred Sugden

Associate Director, Defence and National Security, techUK

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, techUK

Jeremy Wimble

Jeremy Wimble

Programme Manager, Defence, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

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