Throughout 2021, techUK held a series of events on the topic of digital ID, exploring the role this technology can play in tackling key challenges across society and the economy, and determining what more needs to be done to drive adoption as the UK economy begins to recover from the impact of the pandemic. And techUK is excited to be carrying on the conversation this year with the Digital Identity Event Series 2022!

The travel and tourism sectors were two of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with restrictions on travel and health mandates implemented across the world to tackle COVID-19. But as these sectors prepare for the return of business at scale, adopting digital ID solutions can enable government and businesses to facilitate safe and increased travel, whether by allowing travellers to store all of their travel and identity documents in one easy-to-verify place, for example, or reducing physical contact and overcrowding throughout passenger journeys.

Join us as we discuss how digital identity technologies can transform travel and tourism and enable these sectors to bounce back from the impact of the pandemic. Our panel will explore how digital identity is and can be used in the travel sector, the opportunities and challenges in the UK and beyond, and what more needs to be done to realise the full benefits of digital identity for travel and tourism.

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