techUK members are invited to join an interactive workshop with Commissioner Dr. Michele Dix and officals from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) on the policy and infrastructure changes required to maximise benefits of connected and automated mobility (CAM).

In November 2023, government asked the NIC to undertake a study on how to ensure connected and self-driving technologies can support the UK’s economic, social and environmental goals. Specifically, the NIC has been asked to explore the following areas:

  • the additional policy, governance and infrastructure that may be required to support CAM, reflecting the uncertainty about technological development. This includes physical and digital infrastructure, as well as network management, operations and implementation of any policies and recommendations
  • the use for private cars, taxis and private hire vehicles as the primary focus, but also including use cases involving public transport and freight/logistics, and differentiating between road types, and urban, interurban and rural contexts where appropriate
  • the costs, benefits and associated risks and dependencies of different infrastructure requirements to enable CAM, including distributional impacts, bearing in mind implications for security, equality, diversity and inclusion within the transport system
  • the sequencing and prioritisation of any interventions, and the extent to which they are robust to uncertainty.

To inform its report, the NIC published a call for evidence in April 2024 to seek input from stakeholders within the CAM ecosystem. At this interactive in-person session, the NIC will set out the key questions the study will try to address, test emerging thinking and allow industry to input their views.

The NIC provides expert, impartial advice to the government on infrastructure, shape and develop the national infrastructure assessment and specific studies and engage with government and other stakeholders to promote the NIC and gather views on future infrastructure needs and solutions.

We hope that members will be able to join us. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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