In May 2022 techUK launched its Innovators Network, a forum for councils to enable and empower them to connect with innovators to access the latest technologies in a neutral forum to help solve some of the most pressing challenges they face. The first Innovators Network will focus on the care cap and the opportunity it brings to transform the way social care works.

techUK is delighted to be hosting this event in partnership with Redbridge council to discuss the newly introduced Care Cap measure and the challenges it brings to local authorities and IT suppliers who need to work together for a tight implementation timeline starting October 2023. The event is open to all local authorities and techUK members.  techUk is convening the session to equip councils and industry of the challenges but also the lever to do something different and go beyond statutory compliance.

The most pressing difficulties have been identified around the implementation timescales related to building and testing the IT capabilities and managing the risk of delays from IT suppliers and local authorities testing and rolling-out the technology necessary. There is a need to understand what works needs to be completed in advance to understand what barriers there are to implementation and stakeholders collaborating to identify the minimum technical specification required.

In addition to interrogating some of the challenges and unknown associate with the care cap, the event will explore what the art of the possible is and the innovations that can offer a step change in how services are delivered, especially in an ageing society. Not only will the session connect innovators to co-design and share ideas but a great opportunity for SME and industry not exposed to this market to offer innovative solutions and ideas.

A few main topics that will be addressed include:

  • What are the digital solutions needed and the concerns associated with their implementation?
  • How can local authorities and IT suppliers collaborate effectively to assess digital readiness and create workflows?
  • How can government and suppliers collaborate on solving challenges related to early assessments? e.g. flexibility to tailor the approach to local circumstances, development of new care modules.
  • What are the implications for accounting systems if assessments are delayed?
  • How can government work together with sector experts to effectively share best practice for local authorities?
  • What are the resource and skills challenges to manage business and IT change?
  • What are the other implications we need to take into account? e.g. behavioural changes regarding funding and investment.

On the day we will be interrogating 3-4 challenges and if there are any that are not captured above and that you would like to cover please email Ileana Lupsa at [email protected]

Georgina Maratheftis

Georgina Maratheftis

Associate Director, Local Public Services, techUK

Ileana Lupsa

Ileana Lupsa

Programme Manager, Local Public Services and Nations and Regions, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK